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Sunglasses that fit under the headset

I've just come across these

They seem quite similar to this vastly more pricey product.

The interesting Q will be whether one can get prescription lenses made for them...

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I have normal prescription glasses with this kind of flexible and thin titanium frames. Most comfortable glasses I ever had, with and without headset but very delicate. Mine have clear lenses (I never wear sunglasses) but I could have ordered them with tinted glass as well. This being Germany, they cost about five times as much as those in your link... (I overlooked your second link to maker of my glasses - as you write: vastly more expensive - but we live only once, don't we)

EDDS - Stuttgart

No idea about prescription lenses but for straight sunglasses, these are the best I have ever used. Very light, fit easily under headset and due to light weight seem to be less prone to breaking through falling etc.

EGTK Oxford

We find the Silhouettes tend to break after about 3 years and usually do so just outside the warranty But they seem the very best there is.

The Pitts ones do seem to have a frame which is not exactly thin. I have tried very similar ones before - maybe even the same ones.

I will report on the American $99 ones when I get them...

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

The Pitts frames are thin and very comfortable under a headset.

EGTK Oxford

In my opinion these will be the best (and most expensive?) you'll find for aviation sunglasses Click...

Especially the ones made to fit under the headset are really comfortable. Contrast is amazing and arguably better (at least comparable) in comparison with the top Oakley and Serengeti glasses. But of course, it all comes down to personal preference and taste.

I recently met the guy running, I recommend him if you have specific needs (prescription lenses) in getting a pair of sunglasses for flying. But for that you probably will need to visit his shop in The Netherlands.


We find the Silhouettes tend to break after about 3 years and usually do so just outside the warranty ...

So did mine, but they can be repaired. Repair was more expensive than I pair of the cheaper ones...

EDDS - Stuttgart

If you are a sunglass fashionista, really no need to read further...

Took a while to resolve my prescription/sunglass needs, the final solution came in two parts:

1st part: The sunglasses had to be robust, lightweight, out perform the usual suspects, oh, and had to be affordable to allow multiple pairs, damage and loss -

2nd part: The headphone had to accommodate the sunglasses - Bose A20.

Because life's too short, Frank

Reviving this old thread with summer approaching: any updated recommendation for ultra lightweight sunglasses that can also fit well under A20, possibly on the cheap side?

United Kingdom

mancival wrote:

ultra lightweight … on the cheap side

After several attempts, I decided to forget the idea of sunglasses that fit under the headset, and got a pair that fits over it. Mine are wrap-around cycling sunglasses with a wide elastic band instead of temples. They weigh next to nothing, cost next to nothing on Aliexpress, and fulfil their purpose surprisingly well.

LKBU near Prague, Czech Republic
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