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Sunglasses that fit under the headset

Instead of sunglasses fitting under the headset, what about a headset fitting under the sunglasses? I have had these for a year or two, and I’m very happy.

I keep a lookout for thin frames for this reason.

Basically the way the spectacle business is structured, the “nicer” frames are mostly “designer” frames which cost a lot more, which keeps retain opticians in business, against the much cheaper online outlets.

There are cheap (say under €50) and thin frames out there but they tend to be of low quality. The Silhouette ones (the dead link in the first post) were notorious for breaking too but were ok if you never folded them into a case (possible if you have your own plane). For €100-150 you can get lots of good frames.

Prescription lenses on top of course… I have just got a new pair of these made and they are great, but it’s not for everyone.

That said, even with a thin frame I still have it placed above the headset earcups, not under it… Looks a bit weird

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Dont know if they still make them anymore, Ive had mine 7+ years now, but Oakley whisker indent and curve around the head where your headset goes, they sit close to the eye and wrap so there is no gap for the sun to go around the lens. I believe they can be fitted with any prescription lens.

Most (not all) Oakleys have far too thick side bits. A problem for skiing also. And they charge £250 base price for prescription lenses

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

And in addition, the lens are plastic so very prone to scratches. Have been very disappointed that so expensive glasses are so fragile…

LFMD, France

Silhouette. Serengetis work too but depending on headset (clamping pressure) could b me too stiff.

has a Beagle...
LOWG Graz Austria

Peter wrote:

Most (not all) Oakleys have far too thick side bits

greg_mp wrote:

And in addition, the lens are plastic so very prone to scratches.

Not the Oakley’s Im talking about. I couldnt tell you how much prescription lenses are though…
Like these…but the indent on mine looks more pronounced:

the lens are plastic so very prone to scratches

Practically all lenses are plastic nowadays. Glass is used only where the highest refractive index is required (e.g. +6 or some such which would be really thick in plastic) or, not sure if this is still true today, for photochromic lenses (which are useless for flying anyway because they need direct UV which you don’t get in a cockpit, or in a car).

The issue with glass lenses is that they are heavy so frames with the two nose pads can’t be used

You have to use this style

That’s my experience at least.

And few frames in the last style will have thin side bits.

FWIW, my current ones are these, based on this idea The lenses were made by a specialist outfit in the US because nobody in Europe could do the +0.50 reading add-on which I have for one of my eyes, for the kneeboard distance.

I don’t know the brand of the frame. I bought it maybe 5 years ago for about 150 quid. It is as thin and light as Silhouettes but much less flimsy.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I fly with these. They hold with flat textile band, so they don’t make a hole in the headset seal.
I bought this more street-compatible model but in the end I just use the first ones.


I fly with these

very nice with A20, but they don’t really hang over your head, so you need to put them in a pocket when you don’t use it.

LFMD, France
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