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What if.. you lost your medical?

your doctor says: time to give up flying?

It is a grim prospect, but being temporary grounded feels bad enough at the moment. What would you do if your doctor grounds you permanently?

EGBE - Coventry, United Kingdom

What I would do? I guess I would stop flying...? :-)

What I would do? I guess I would stop flying...? :-)

Or if I can find the courage continue to fly 120kg microlights that require no medical.

I would in any case try to stay connected to aviation by working as ground and/or simulator instructor and otherwise get myself a job in engineering or IT again. Too many years left until pension to sit at home...

EDDS - Stuttgart

I would pursue the issue with multiple doctors until I felt able to make a decision based on a reasonable body of data and opinion. Meanwhile, and assuming it was only the first doctor's opinion that was an issue (not symptoms) I'd fly an aircraft that requires no medical to operate. I have one in stock for just such an occasion - one of the reasons I kept it when buying aircraft #2. Then I'd decide what to do for flying in general.

See if I could get a restricted license based on flying with a safety pilot.

Take up knitting and enjoy looking at the photos of my past trips. I would not want to fly if I could not be in control and achieving my own personal goals. I am at a stage where I can walk away with a satisfied feeling of job well done. However, I do hope I have a few more years left as I am about to start a new chapter in my aviation and it promises, for me as least, many exciting adventures. :-)

Always looking for adventure

Not something I want to think about but inevitably the day is getting closer.

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

I think I'd simply practice guitar, sell the Cirrus and try to find a house on a mediterranean island, and buy a boat. I'd travel more, buy even more expensive cameras and guitars.

I think the ONE trap i do not want to step in is to not be able to just let things go. Maybe I'll overfly my home base and pull the chute ;-))

My AMC is a wreck and he owns and flies a C182. I think if he considers himself to be airworthy, I will have no problems

This year I approached the head of FCL at LBA (German LBA) during the Aero show. I asked her what the LBA would do if I present them with a medical from say Bulgaria or any other EASA member state. She said that according to the new EU directives, she'd have to accept it and confirmed that the phenomenon of international medical shopping does exist.

If I considered myself to be fit but the AMC didn't, I would do as outlined above.

Losing the medical for a poor reason would have me move over to the French register, no medical required for microlights - which makes the license lifelong.

If I loose the medical for a good reason, i.e. one that the doctor can persuade me I really ought to stop flying, than I have my next project waiting: converting an old touring coach, preferrably a Setra S80 or S110, into a luxury camper. Might bring me more success with the gentle sex than a frilly microlight plane.

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium
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