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Critical Illness Insurance for those with private flying as a hobby

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Having recently looked into this type of insurance, ‘own occupation’ insurance for those who fly as a hobby seems prohibitively expensive, if even available. Would anyone have had any luck sourcing this from a specialist which they would recommend?

United Kingdom

What would such an insurance cover? For professional pilots a “loss of license” insurance would cover income loss, but for a hobby pilot there is no income loss.

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

I also wonder what you mean. You mean coverage against losing your license and somehow getting the money back?

Even getting coverage at all when flying a SEP may be problematic. Your best insurance is to fly safe IMO, keep yourself current and so on. Myself, flying different airplanes, including UL and doing some air sport activities, there are no coverage other than a rather token tiny little sum. It will about cover my funeral, and not much more The reason is that insurance companies considered some activities to be extreme sport. The same as base jumping, rafting and so on.

However, flying EASA certified planes exclusively, and flying in a “normal” fashion is covered with most ordinary insurances (life/accident/travel). That is flying from A to B, at “normal” airfields, and not fly in a way/over areas, so that the flying can be considered an expedition. “Expedition” being rather vague (you have to read the fine print), but the line can be rather strict IMO. Even a weekend hike on foot in the mountains may be considered an “expedition” by some insurance companies, and requires extra insurance to be fully covered. These kind of insurances can be very specific, they may cover only one trip to a specific location/area and with certain requirements fulfilled.


In the UK context, it is insurance against being unable to continue with your existing occupation due to varying types of critical illness such as diabetes, stroke etc etc. It is typically a lump sum or monthly payout. The insurance is widely available but as I have discovered, as soon as you declare you fly GA aircraft as a hobby, you become almost uninsurable! Loss of Licence cover is something I have already, but typically the insured sums have modest limits. I am a commercial pilot by occupation, and so the GA flying I do is a very small proportion of the hours I do in a year, and I am very current. This seems to make little difference!

United Kingdom

I had a similar difficulty but managed to get some cover with Cirencester Friendly and also Legal&General through a broker called Cura Insurance – special risks department. This was a couple of years ago now.

Here, AXA one of the biggest companies are pulling out of aviation.
The FFA are trying to deals with other insurance companies, but this is all for hull and third party insurance.
Our FFA insurance covers things such as death and disability benefits as well as a get you home service.
For €79 per year the death benefit is €50,000 but if you want to pay €429 pa the death benefit is €300,000
On top of this you can get €10,000 per passenger and then there are things like a sum per day if you are in a coma, plus a daily sum while in hospital for up to 365 days. Plus a daily sum in case of incapacity.
There are some other benefits but IMO the most important is the get you home service in case of breakdown, incapacity, bad weather etc. I haven’t got the policy to hand to list the other benefits, I have just listed the ones I remember.
This is arranged by the FFA through a Japanese marine insurance company.
I know other insurance companies offer key worker policies so I suppose it all depends exactly what you want. The problem seems to be finding the insurance company and of course the cost.

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gallois wrote:

Here, AXA one of the biggest companies are pulling out of aviation.


Somehow it would not surprise me as many others have done that. Would be a bummer though, I am insured with them and offers I had from others were very unattractive. Hope we are not going to end up in the same situation as a lot of my American contacts who have to give up ownership due to no way of getting insurance.

LSZH, Switzerland

In the U.K. Beagle Street online have covered private flying reasonably

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Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

I would consider simply excluding the aviation risk: There are only very limited (if any) scenarios where the realization of such a risk leads to long term loss of income but not to loss of life…


The letter the club here got from AXA certainly gave the impression that they were pulling out of aviation completely.

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