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NTSB advisory: If you want to join the mile high club....

...make sure someone else is flying the aircraft :o)


Ok, so it's old...but thought it might be worth dusting off... :o)

Good (though obvious) message!

My wife, daughter and I were following a van along a perfectly clear straight highway a few years back, when it left the road, and rolled twice in the ditch. I locked up my car, and reached the van before its wheels had even stopped spinning. The mildly injured, unbelted male and female were attempting to reclothe themselves in a pile in the front. Happily, I saw little blood, though lots of skin.

To worsen their legal problems, the investigating police found three garbage bags of marijuana in the back of the van! They gave a whole new meaning to "roll your own"....

Home runway, in central Ontario, Canada

There was a guy offering "mile high" experiences for consenting couples, using a Cessna caravan flying out of Gloucester airport. I got the impression the operation got shut down by the CAA once it started to make a few people in the Belgrano blush. I think there must stuff in the ANO about "no sex please, we're British".

That said, the website is still going.

I cannot see why this should be illegal. You need an A to A public transport AOC. Does the CAA have the right to withold an AOC for this reason?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

According to that web site you can "spice things up with an additional passenger"! That made me chuckle. I wonder how many members of the mile-high threesome club there are.

Fairoaks, United Kingdom
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