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Tabbed reading etc


I quite like the 'new post' search on FF and Proon.

Is there something similar on here?

Ditto when tabs are opened in Safari the header of the forum type is the only info you can see on the displayed tabs; it would be useful if you could also see which thread is under the tab.

Seconded, especially for getting the thread title into the tab.

EGTT, The London FIR

FD, thanks for the feedback.

There isn't a New Post search on here at the moment. I have a couple of enhancements along these lines in the works but just need to find the time to finish them off. I might be able to add this one too. However, I'm not exactly sure what that "New Post" search on Flyer does. I've never used it (different people seem to have different ways of browsing forums) and when I tried it just now I expected it to show me posts that were new that I'd not read. Yet when I read one and went back to the list and refreshed the list was unchanged. Any thoughts?

The tabs thing is easy enough, though of course you can't see much of the thread title but I'll add it on.

EGTR / London, United Kingdom
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