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Hanger Size vs Number of Planes

I'm planning to build another hanger. I only need to put one plane in, but obviously for a small increase in size, you can fit in a second plane. The airfield I used to frequent had a modest hanger that we once nearly squeezed three Cessnas into, when a hail storm threatened. I don't remember its dimensions, and sadly it burned, so I can no longer measure it (no planes lost).

Aside from cutting out little cardboard airplanes, and sliding them around on a floor plan, does anyone have an idea how to determine an optimum hanger size for two 172 sized planes? Anyone share two highwings in a hanger, who can tell me the hanger size?

Silvaire, your method is excellent - but out of my budget!

Home runway, in central Ontario, Canada

11 x 11 metres would be perfect for 1

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

Two T-hangars combined would work, says he... stating the blindingly obvious :-)

Thank you Silvaire, I for one had never heard of a T-hangar so I have again learned something. I should think that, for only two planes, some further gain can be achieved with a turn of perhaps 15 or 20 degrees? The goal would be to have both the propeller and one wingtip very close to the door i.e. backside.

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

Silvalre is right about the T hangar if you're looking for something to neatly house 2. The use of space is really efficient and you can easily add to it at a later date. This is, however, assuming you've got available access from the front and rear.

Best of luck.

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