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Listening to music during flight

How many of you do this, what equipment do you use, does it cut the music out automatically when there is radio activity, and do you find it practical?

In my TB20 I have a music input (3.5mm jack) and it does work, but I find it virtually useless because there is far too much radio chatter. I guess it would be good if one was flying non-radio and doing so over a decent distance.

There is also the issue of forcing your passengers to listen to your music. I have flown with pilots who just put it on and that’s it

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I tried and gave up – too much irritating R/T overriding the music. If I am back seat pax then I will occasionally unplug the headset ( Bose A20) and plug in music but even that is not really 100% satisfactory. Generally I try and concentrate on the flying – it is challenge enough overcoming my shortcomings in that direction without the aded distraction of music or telephone calls

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

We have the same 3.5mm jack in the Cessna, I’ve only used it in rare occasions and airspace with very sparse ATC. As mentioned by you both, it’s only annoying when R/T breaks in the whole time

Never did and never will. Either I listen to music or I do something else. Flying is something else, so I don’t listen to music when I fly.

EDDS - Stuttgart

At home and when driving I am not complete without some music on the radio (baroque style preferred) – but when flying I need and want all my concentration on the flying and on R/T. So I haven’t even tried, and don’t think I will soon.

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EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

Lightspeed headsets support Bluetooth connection to a phone or music source, and the automute button allows you to preferentially hear intercom or radio communication. I’ve used it when flying solo en route (without need for intercom or radio communication), but mainly its another piece of electronics to screw around with that doesn’t add great value.

Each headset has its own bluetooth connection so listening to others music is not a factor.

A ‘Type A Personality’ instructor/A&P IA friend uses it frequently to make phone calls while airborne, confirming his next gig while inbound. He basically never ‘unplugs’. Its fun to watch but better him than me.

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Obviously depends on the phase of the flight. En-route in an area where I know there will be little radio chatter I do listen to music. Quite magical to have a tremendous view accompanied by your favorite music. Assuming you have an appropriate environment, meaning a good headset and a quiet aircraft. I once considered adding a great cigar too, but maybe not such a good idea while having an oxygen flow nearby

Private field, Mallorca, Spain

I have XM audio and will listen to music, mostly enroute. It self mutes during radio transmission and reception. I also have a mute button to turn it off when descending to a landing. I can isolate the music to the passengers and I am on the pilot channel. They don’t hear the muting. There is also a second audio input in the rear seats if they want to listen to their own music.

KUZA, United States

Never did and never will. Either I listen to music or I do something else.

Hear, hear ….


I use the Bluetooth function on my lightspeeds occasionally. It’s great enjoying a flight all the more for having your favourite music playing.

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