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ALL Italian airports: non Schengen flights are possible

This is pretty disturbing to read about.

Is there any way to escalate this to some level at which it can be investigated? I believe Italy has an AOPA which will presumably have a contact in the Italian CAA. Pointing somebody there to this thread would be sufficient…

BTW what was your aircraft reg, and were there any non EU citizens on it?

fly to Porto Roz, clear customs there and then at least you’re arriving from a country which is a signatory to the Schengen agreement…..

I can’t see how that would help because Schengen is about movement of people, not movement of goods, so it would not help against police officers looking for goods. In fact from these descriptions is looks like the police there are totally unaware of even the most basic rules of Europe and behaved as if you came from Kabul.

What would definitely work would be flying to Portoroz and taking a bus to Venice!

Last Edited by Peter at 02 Aug 21:44
Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter: I was flying a D registered aircraft, there were no non EU nationals on board.

The issue with immigration arose because I was flying direct from Dubrovnik which is non Schengen and, apparently, a preferred route to smuggle money / drugs into the country – this came from the office manager at Lido aerodrome; he said that had I flown in via a Schengen country then only the Ministry of Finance would have turned up – apparently any foreign GA arriving from southern European countries is very suspect in Italy at the moment.

As the issue with my passport and personal details being manually copied and recklessly discarded was created by the immigration officials who, as far as I could tell, were regular police, then arriving from a Schengen country would have obviated the need for their attendance. I don’t care about people sniffing through my luggage, I’ve nothing to smuggle, but I am cautious about my name, address, date of birth and passport details being copied and then carelessly disposed of by two officers in mirrored RayBans, thinking themselves supercool, only to give the Cosa Nostra an opportunity to clone my identity…….

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