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Happy New Year

and let's hope for an improvement on this

METAR EGKK 312020Z 27008KT 230V300 9000 -RA FEW003 SCT007 BKN010 10/09 Q0999=

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom



Happy New Year to all :-)

Happy New Year everyone.

The weather is spectacular today, so now that I have completed three hours of clearing snow off the runway, I'm going flying! I'll be checking the local lakes for ice (though not landing on it yet).

Wishing you all a year to come with health, happiness, and lots of great flying opportunities....

Home runway, in central Ontario, Canada

Happy New Year to everyone. Just did a short trip today in a C172 with 175knot ground speed! Landing was OK as straight down the runway but landing roll was very short!

UK, United Kingdom
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