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Sunglasses for flying

I am looking for some new nice sunglasses for flying. I found the BigAtmo Strato with HCNB lenses, which I consider buying. Does anyone have some experience with them?

I suppose everyone has his own experience so I’ll get many different opinions but still I am tempted to ask: what is you preference and recommendation for sunglasses in the cockpit?

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what is you preference and recommendation for sunglasses in the cockpit?

After trying out quite a few different ones over the years (with and without prescription lenses) I came to a simple conclusion: No sunglasses are the best sunglasses for me. I still carry a pair with me, but it must have been fife years since I last put them on. I was unable to find a pair that gives good protection against bright sunshine at FL400 while allowing to read the screens in the cockpit at the same time.

EDDS - Stuttgart

I have also tried many and look for the following:

  1. light
  2. fit under headset
  3. damage proof

I have never had a pair I like as much as the Pitts Aviation sunglasses. Their website has some great analysis of sunglasses for aviation here.

They are incredibly light (16g) and this has an added bonus when you drop them in that the trivex lenses don’t smash and mine are scratch free after 18 months – and while I am careful I am by no means OCD with putting them in their case. They are expensive but so far for me it has been good value.

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EGTK Oxford

Those sunglasses don’t look thin enough to go under a headset (Bose X or Bose A20) without resulting in a lot more noise getting in.

I have done a lot of tests and the only frame style which has achieved that (by being thin enough) is the Silhouette, or similar frames. My current flying glasses (see thread here) are like those but reportedly break a lot less often.

However other things may work for different people, obviously. Also some headsets are probably a lot more accomodating. The worst glasses are probably Oakleys which have mostly ultra thick side sections.

The key, I find, to flying glasses is to leave them on top of the instrument panel when not flying. Then you can use the thin frames. As soon as you have to pack them away etc (if e.g. renting or sharing a plane) they are likely to get damaged. What breaks Silhouettes is folding them into a protective case.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

They are very thin and work well under my Bose headsets.

EGTK Oxford

I have had good experiences with the BigAtmo glasses – very light and comfortable and with an excellent UV filter. My only beef is that the styling of all the models does not suit my face.

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

I ordered a pair and will give some feedback once I get them.


Like many of you I am sure I have, over the years, broken in various ways a number of sun glasses. I have just broken another pair (Ray-Ban) and whilst searching for a screw to fix them I found my old stach of broken ones. Does any know where one can get spares for these please? I have tried the manufacturer but they never respond. Does anyone have any frames/lenses they might care to donate in the hope I can get at least a good pair or two out of them which I can donate to students? It seems such a waste to throw away because of something that may possibly be easily fixed.
Comment as you wish!!

Many thanks

UK, United Kingdom

I am not sure I have spares to donate, as I use cheap Chinese imitations of Ray-Ban exactly because I break my sunglasses very often, and I doubt they are hardware-compatible. However, if you keep losing screws, there is definitely a reliable solution for that – unscrew them, dunk them in Loctite, put them back in.

LKBU near Prague, Czech Republic

Thanks Ultranomad, I wonder if the lenses are optically perfect as I believe are the Ray-Ban products. I chose a known quality product when I started flying all those decades ago and have been very happy with them so really would not want to move to anything else.

UK, United Kingdom
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