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Friedrichshafen EDNY avgas price

See, the tax is twice as high in Germany!

Maybe in amount but percentage-wise, according to Achim’s calculation, the tax is 46.6% of total price in Germany while it’s 53% in Croatia.

What used to be a refueliing paradise some years ago has now become luxury!

This is bad because the tax income from aviation fuel doesn’t mean anything for country’s budget (AOC operations don’t pay it and private GA is infinitesimally small) and it’s just bad advertisment for tourism.

Last Edited by Emir at 28 Apr 07:05
LDZA LDVA, Croatia

It will still play a minor role for people like us. If the fuel is the same or similar price as in Germany nobody will chose not to fly to Croatia because of the fuel price … It also plays a minor role if consider all costs involved in flying. If I fly my SR22 to Split and back I need 210 liters of Avgas (average last three flights) … € 2,10 or € 2,30 is a difference of about € 40. While that is money it will not change my decision to go.

What’s more important for the decisison to fly to a certain country is that pilots don’t get fooled by ATC and Airport staff in Croatia, like they are in Greece, or many times in Italy. It’s a delight to fly to Split, Brac, Dubrovnik – i never had the smallest problem (10 or 11 flights altogether)

While that is money it will not change my decision to go.

Since you have relatives in Croatia, I’m not sure you’re representative

LSZK, Switzerland

Croatia is the most beautiful flying with the least trouble in Europe, together with France, I would say. That’s why I fly there. I can visit my relatives with an airline ticket that costs the same as 40 liters of fuel :-)

Croatia is the most beautiful flying with the least trouble in Europe

I might be subjective but I guess you’re right at least when we talk about flying

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

I still find the choice of airports/airfields in Croatia quite poor.

The coast and the islands ought to have many more small airfields than there are.
This, plus Croatia joining Schengen (even though today I heard from someone from Croatia that this will take quite a bit more time, despite the year 2015 target having been mentioned for years now) would do us really good.

So: airport fees doubled and fuel prices doubled in the last 8 years; infrastructure had rather deteriorated (Unije closed, Brac constantly under threat, reduced ATS times at Losinj, increasing parking restrictions at the big airports, etc).

I really can’t subscribe to the “Croatia is GA heaven” thing. The scenery along the coast is nice, but that’s mostly it.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

I find Croatia and Greece to be the most scenic destinations.

Also the “people experience” (both on the ground and ATC) has been 100% good which definitely cannot be said for most other countries.

Brac is always under threat but so are most GA airfields in the UK, if you follow rumours in the usual places.

And why would one fly if not for

  • scenery
  • meeting nice people, preferably in a nice location

I think the EuroGA fly-in to Mali Losinj in May 2014 was outstanding.

Personally, I would never fly to an airport because it’s a nice airport, eat some food there, and fly back. I know many do, but thankfully many don’t so these lovely places will hopefully keep their airports.

Croatia’s price rises were bound to happen once they joined the EU (they happened earlier, I know, but that’s because they are clever ex communists so they know the value of stuff ) because in the EU everybody is milking everything they can milk, to fund their Porsche Cayenne (or the local equivalent) lifestyle.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Yes, Peter – that’s my point of view too. It’s not all about flying, airports, regulations …,it’s about where i want to be, the people, the climate.

For me there’s enough airports. Of course, more runways on more islands would be nice, But for me, it’s okay as it is. I will prefer to go to Split anyway.

I did not say “heaven”, by the way.

I will prefer to go to Split anyway.

… and Vis would be just perfect

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

At almost 10USD per gallon, EDNY was my most expensive stop for JetA1 fuel on the trip from Thailand. :-(

Lovin' it
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