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e-Magazine vouchers

Most of the UK flying magazines are sad shadows of what they used to be, but as an addict I tend to buy them anyway. I could save a lot of money and shelf-space by getting the E-versions (Flyer and Pilot). However, an easy justification for buying them is that they come with vouchers, and even if you only use one of them every few months it’s likely to save the cost of the magazine.

Does anybody know whether the E-versions come with the same vouchers?

FLYER will send you vouchers if you need them – you just need to e-mail. That said, I like the paper copy, and it’s £7.50 per quarter by direct debit. If you’re buying it on an ad hoc basis and spending £4 per throw, then you’d be better off subscribing!

Flyer include free online access from iPad or Android app to all print subscribers, so I can happily rip the landing vouchers out and bin the mag, knowing I can dig out an old copy online in future if I wanted to.

Saves shelf space at the very least, and also nice to catch up with the latest edition if published when away

FlyerDavidUK, PPL & IR Instructor
EGBJ, United Kingdom

The german Flieger Magazin explicitly states that vouchers are invalid in the e-version because they fear abuse in form of unauthorized redistribution, multiple usage, etc.

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