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Where to find EASA regs (merged)?

In a rare moment of altruism, I thought I'd add a reference to a Wikipedia article, pointing to the SERA.

I originally downloaded it as a PDF file of the publication in the Official Journal of the European Union from somewhere on EUR-Lex, but now I can't seem to find it again...

Since the Official Journal is maybe a bit too deep into the official publications, I wondered if there is a better web site, which is still "official" (EUROCONTROL, EASA?) but more oriented towards actual use by pilots?

Ideally, the site should have the various translations neatly organised together (for all its faults, EUR-Lex at least uses the same numbering system across all languages).

Where do you guys get new European docs (SERA, FCL, etc.?)

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What's wrong with EUR-Lex?

Here's SERA in English. A direct link.

Thanks for the link. After posting, I remembered that I could have dug it out knowing the number of the regulation (but I couldn't find it searching for "Standardised European Rules of the Air" as the title).

What's wrong with EUR-Lex?

The user interface - for the purpose that I was looking for. EUR-Lex is a well-functioning database of EU legislation, but it is still a database with a database-like search interface. Plus, it is difficult to browse around in as it contains everything that the EU makes law about, not only aviation.

I was hoping for an official collection of the various rules and regulations for end-users in the aviation field, preferably with a nice and well-laid-out index page with updated links to the latest (current) versions.

Anyway, not a huge problem, and thanks for the link!

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Having sat air law just over a year ago, it would be useful to have a concise guide on what has changed under the new regime... rather than having to play 'spot the difference' for every little thing.

Presumably it would still be, to some extent, a work in progress.


Does anyone know of a place where EASA regulation is presented in an easy to understand way? A way that a normal person can understand without reading through raw law scriptures from lawyers for lawyers.

If there isn’t such a thing, then maybe a community wiki might be helpful. That would not be the law to be cited, but it can provide an overview and point to the publications at

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I belive, that sometimes even people from CAA can not interpret some articles properly…


Right. And the same goes for instructors and everyone else involved. So maybe a place to gather it in a more comprehensible format might be a good idea.

This site ( would probably be a good place to host it. Peter?

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As I have written before, I know exactly two people who have the will to live and read the massive EASA docs. One posts here very rarely (to be fair he is busy, and is involved quite close to EASA) and the other told me he never will (he also said he would not use a free Eurocontrol routing facility because he believes he should pay for that sort of thing).

So you may find a limited pool of people willing to populate such a database.

Otherwise, I would be all for doing something, because the present situation is absolutely appalling.

The best I can do is skim read them, but while that is good for digging up potentially dodgy stuff, it is dangerous because the EASA stuff is so often badly drafted that it takes a lawyer with a warped mind to unravel them. The stuff is often drawn up by people who don’t understand what they are writing about.

Also a lot of it is in a state of flux and is changing as we speak.

Then you get the AMCs (acceptable means of compliance) which will result in every country implementing things slightly differently, according to how much gold plating their national CAA people (and their FTOs) want to do.

Then you get areas where a country just sticks up a finger to EASA and ignores some reg, believing (correctly) that nobody is going to spend 4 figures on lawyers testing it (and pissing off his own CAA, whose co-operation he needs every year to sign off his medical ). For example, has Denmark repealed that law (here; search for Denmark) about foreign reg aircraft not being allowed to park for more than X days on Danish soil? That law should be illegal now.

In the meantime I suggest people with questions post them here, and whoever knows anything will be happy to help. This is *Euro*GA after all

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Does already have a wiki? Or can it be added easily?

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Not that I know of

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