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Rocket route problem

The main problem for Rocketroute is that autorouter is free. And € 300 per year is just too much money to stay with RR for sentimental reasons …

Have to give my 2 cents. I think the RR team is great. Whenever Ive had a problem with routing (moreso now that Hungary is free flight) they have always been there to help out. For example My most recent trip to Corfu. Originally we had planned to fly to Portoroz as a day stop before proceeding the following day to to Corfu. Spending hours on line trying to find FBOs at Corfu because heaven forbid they list them in the AIP. Also the phone numbers listed in the AIP airport operations etc tower all lead to the same moronic phone tree for commercial passengers. I remembered that it was Swissport who I used last time and who gave that 100 Euro AOPA discount. So Google SwissPort Corfu and I get a link showing Tele #s and that they are closed. As in closed no longer open for business. Call those # s no answer so confirmed. Finally out of desperation I call the main office in Switzerland and get a working number for Swissport Corfu. Thank God I didnt want to see another 100Euros go down the toilet. OK everything went smoothly from there. Got my Slot and arrival time code.

Trouble was the day we were suppose to fly from Portoroz the the WX was forecast TS for the following day. The day we were to depart from Port to Corfu.The mISSION kOMMANDER JUST ARRIVNG BEING TIRED WANTED TO go straight to Corfu and skip Portoroz. That was early morning of the day we were supposed to fly to Port and not the 24 advance notice required. Called RR and they coordinated with Swissport and got a Slot number for 5 hrs from when they called. They got me a route that I wanted entered it manually. The auto route function did not work properly due to Hungarian free flight which they will fix.

Im very happy with the personalized service I get and they always resolve the problem.

Flying across the Atlantic they bent over backwards to help out, calling FBOs, and airports confirming opening hours, fuel, etc. ALL for NO Charge. I am partial to them for that reason. My renewal is due and I will reup my membership. At least when I have a problem I get a live human on the other end within mins of a call. I dont have to wait 3 hrs on hold for live chat as with Skype only to find their server was down.

The other thing is they do listen to criticism on ways to improve the system and have followed through. Besides Im saving a bundle by not have to subscribe to Jepp chart service.


By the way the guy with the Russian accent got me an almost straight line route from LHTL to EDMS. All within 5 mins.


Blitzplan is also a good alternative when RR or Autorouter has problems. I had also a lot of issues with RR when creating Z flight plan but it seems solved today

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