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How old are you ? How old, when you started to fly ?

The age widespread is really important ! EuroGA members are definitely of all ages ! ;-)

It is nice to learn a little more about what hides behind each nickname.
Some of you gave the numbers, others the “whole” story.
They are all great ones, and I guess aviation has enriched each of our lives in a special way.

I like the fact that the virus contaminated some pilots again, after many years without flying.

You have founded a surprising and cool community. Once again: bravo !

I feel the same time machine thing up there !

If you go to Hangar Talk and look at the oldest threads, you find e.g. this which shows the diversity of the people originally attracted to EuroGA.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Yep but did not find the age.
I was wrong many times in my estimates ;-)

Got to be careful with that, with female pilots

Go too low and it’s insincere.
Go just right, or slightly low, and it’s depressing.
Go too high and you get the boot.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

41, 25


Started my PPL with 24. I’m 27 now.

I “started” flying several times …
At 6 I learned to read when I discovered there were books about aeroplanes for grown-ups too
At 14 I started running down hills with a hang glider on my head – airborne times nearing 60 seconds recorded
At 16 I started gliding, GPL at 17
Skipped flying for study and lack of money until …
At 28 I bought an ultralight motorglider, flying it solo (it was a single-seater), supposedly under supervision until …
At 30, I found out how to get a ultralight pilot’s license (Skill Test performed in an apartment building in Copenhagen City; I had to promise the examiner sincerely that I REALLY knew how to fly)
At 32 I had just started as a selfemployed, but had not yet figured out how to pay tax. Used the tax debt to get a PPL
At 36 the instrument rating came my way (before JAR ! )
At 39 I somehow managed to get a CPL and FI, and started a Registered Facility with a friend, at the same time spending reasonably much time with my first child, and keeping my wife … if not exactly happy, then maybe unsuspicious (flying does not smell much of perfume)
Now at 54 years, I have “returned” partly to gliding by flying and instructing in our TMG, while also, at least weekly, teaching PPL (and LAPL ), night, instrument, conversions, and touring a little. Going round and round in the landing circuit from the right seat may not be quite as much fun as it used to be, but there is so much else to do in GA, most of it still interesting.

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EKRK, Denmark

This was my first airplane ride, aged 10 months on the baggage shelf heading to the local surgery for an appendectomy. Now counting down for the bus pass.

Oxford (EGTK)

GPL 16
PPL 1st time (unfinished due to war) 24
… pause …
PPL 42
IR 45
Now 49 (almost)

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

I started 2001 and now I’m turning to be 51 years old this year. 15 years of flying and I do not want to miss one single moment. Sometimes, like i.e. yesterday, it is just a short flight, climbing out the clouds, picking up the last glance of the sunlight and landing 45 minutes later in the dark on a fully illuminated airport. How could someone end a busy day better?

EDDS , Germany
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