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Flying with pets

Recently I visited the UK Immigrations website and I read there that you cannot bring your pet (dog or cat) along with you on a private boat or airplane ( inspite of all the required documents like vaccination etc available). They only allow the entrance if you arrive by airline. I can hardly believe that any US billionaire arriving aboard his Gulfstream or 60M Yacht is willing to send his dog in a crate by "air-mail" on United ... Does anybody know the way to get an exception?

EDxx, Germany

There is a list of approved charter operators at

Looks like as long as you are going into Biggin Hill you're covered. It might be worth asking some of these organisations (probably the ones with an FBO) if you can use their approval - or even just calling the airport ops department and asking their advice.


@ jwoolard -

thanks for the list - I found friends of mine (AOC) on it whom I shall ask how they got their permit ...

EDxx, Germany

A few years ago we were quoted US$25,000 one-way for our Woodle from Geneva-Biggin (Citation?). When we explained that was probably outside our budget, they offered another 4 pax seats without charge.

Swanborough Farm (UK), Shoreham EGKA, Soysambu (Kenya), Kenya

I wonder what the customs guys would actually say if they came to meet you at White Waltham upon your return from the continent and you had a dog with you.
my guess is that they wouldn’t bat an eyelid.

Forever learning

Jwoolard is right. My friends (AOC) told me that a nice lady in Biggin Hill cares of pet immigration on private flights. But contact her in advance. The airport authority should have her telefone number.

EDxx, Germany

I’m confused. The link in JWoolard’s post #2 is a list of trip reports.
Which airport authority and whose number?

Forever learning

the link seems to be no longer valid. I can remember that a number of operators were listed who are allowed to bring in pets for “immigration” to Biggin Hill.
I think it was this one: Link
My friends are also listed and they told me that it is no problem. They often fly in passengers with their pets. Of course you need the required valid vaccination papers.
Biggin Hill airport authority should be able to supply the telefone number of the representative of the U.K. Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs ( and/or Animal and Plant Health Agency) at their airport and I think the lady in charge there will approve your entrance.

You can find more information under Link

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EDxx, Germany

Thanks, my confusion is lessened but not eliminated.
Who are AOC?
It seems that there are many companies that can bring you and your pets in but do any of them offer a facility which allows you to bring your pet on your own aircraft?

Forever learning

AOC means “Air Operator Certificate” in EU or in the States “Air Carrier Operating Certificate”. You need this for commercial operation. So far I did not talk to the UK Animal and Plant Health Agency in Biggin Hill, but it seems to be the way to get an approval for your own pet & aircraft. Do you live in the UK?

EDxx, Germany
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