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Purchase of a plane in Hungary

Hello all,

any members in here who are familiar with purchase procedure of a Hungarian registered single engine?

I tried to find information or further reference on the Hungarian Civil Aviation website. This site is spare with info. Not even to say there is none. Even with the search function I could not find any information.
I searched google for threads but what I found was about aircraft purchases in the US, positioning the aircraft to Germany and N registration.
No specific threads that would contain information or were generally about the purchase in Hungary.

One of my main concerns is the so called “lien of rights”. the existence of such can be checked here in Germany with the court in charge of it.
Not sure if the same or a “similar lien of rights” exists in Hungary. And if so, which court or authority would be in charge of this and keep the register.

In addition to the above I appreciate if you have other suggestions, hints and information etc that may be useful for the purchase procedure.

Thanks for any help


I just purchased a plane in Hungary (my home country), so may give you some insights.

The list of HA-reg aircraft is available on the website of HunCAA:

This will at least confirm that the owner is the entity who claims to be the owner.

There is also a form for submitting information about any change in ownership, which the HunCAA will process. Since its their call the finally change the registered owner, I believe they must keep / have access to the information about any liens attached to the airframe. There is also a database of liens attached to any movable property, maintained by the Chamber of Public Notaries, called ZONY (Zálogjogok Országos Nyilvántartása), but that system is only ca. 2 years old and AFAIK has no data for any previous claims. I would say, however, that it is very improbable that such a lien exists attached to a plane in Hungary. (Btw, the Hungarian legal system only knows about “zálogjog”, which is translated as mortgage, and no other similar forms of rights.)

If you PM me the registration of the plane, I may be able to get some informal information and I could also look through the accident database (maintained only in Hungarian).

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Hi, I just purchased a Hungarian aircraft and am also wondering about the process…
I’m not physically located in HA but an close enough that traveling there isn’t an issue.
Can you provide me with any links or directions for registration?

I can not provide any help in directions for registration because I abandoned the process of buying after visiting the plane. It was a can of trash. I was in contact with the company and asked for help in case of buying the plane. At that time they replyed that they were to busy to help me. I was also in contact with:

Regina Balogh ([email protected])
Aircraft Registration Coordinator

National Transport Authority
Aviation Authority
Supervision Division
Airworthiness and Documentation Department

H-2220 Vecsés, Lincoln street 1.
Postal address: 1675 Budapest P.O. Box 41.

She can provide you with information about the aircraft e.g lien of right. These service costs a fee of 5000 HUF.


Thanks for the links Tiger!
I’ll follow up after I have more info.

I am in the early process of buying a SEP on the Hungarian register to be based in the UK. There are so many aspects to this I would welcome the thoughts of the EuroGA members. Here goes on my present understanding assuming worst case and there is no secret CAA/EASA deal awaiting political sign-off ……

Please offer alternative views if I am wrong.

1) I need to import to the UK before 31st December 2020 to avoid import VAT. The aircraft appears to be VAT paid and in free circulation in the EU
2) Aircraft can be owned directly by myself as a UK national and does not require intermediary Trust as with US registered aircraft
3) if I achieve the above then I will be able to fly the aircraft in the UK but not in the EU with my UK issued EASA licence
4) I can extend legality to Europe by exchanging my licence for one issued by another EASA state or re-register the aircraft in the UK To match my UK licence
5) Retaining the Hungarian CAMO the aircraft can be maintained outside of Hungary by any EASA Part 145 organisation with appropriate approvals.
6) No requirement to return aircraft to Hungary for surveys or other inspections by Hungarian CAA all the time the aircraft is under CAMO supervision.

Anything else I should consider or other Gotchas?




Ask the HU CAA if you can own a hungarian registered airplane without being a resident.

For 6), the CAMO needs to physically survey the plane every 36 months.

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PhilG wrote:

I will be able to fly the aircraft in the UK but not in the EU with my UK issued EASA licence

No. An EASA Part-FCL licence or validation is required to fly a non-Annex I aircraft wherever it may be when the state of registry is an EASA member. Article 3 in the Aircrew Regulation.


Thanks Qalupalik, quite right. Probably makes the whole idea unworkable.

Looks like the only viable solution would be to import before 31st December to avoid the VAT with an Export CofA and then straight into work to convert to the UK Register. Sounds a risky and frustrating experience.

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