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Purchase of a plane in Hungary

First thing I would do is check the LAA will accept it.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

There’s still one month remaining should you wish to change the state of licence issue.

Last Edited by Qalupalik at 28 Nov 11:02

Wouldn’t be nice with some sort of list with local users from each country that can be of assistance when it comes to these kind of questions?
I can imagine that some countries are really hard to navigate(paperwise) if you do not speak the language or know someone that does.

If you speak the language and have some sort of experience of buying or selling an airplane in that country you could absolutely be of very good help to someone that wants to buy from that country.
I would be happy to help from Sweden.

Last Edited by Fly310 at 28 Nov 14:04
Sweden, Sweden

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I’d help too

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LOWG | Worldwide
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