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@dublinpilot, no ultralight can carry three people ;-) what’s on your shortlist?

EPKP - Kraków, Poland

Peter wrote:

fly an F16

I like! Where can you do that? (other than join army)


AFAIK it is not possible anywhere now.

It was possible years ago, in Europe.

Obviously not solo

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom


  • Fly more trips
  • Get the FAA piggy back license
  • Night qualification
  • Fly the Hudson tour, possibly at night
  • Fly more C182 to become more current
  • Fly to LOWZ to open the skiing season (yes, it’s time to start talking about this again! )
  • End of the year, probably in 2017: Flying trip from Florida to the Bahamas


  • Fly more trips, fly longer trips
  • Get my a* up and start the E-IR, then CB-IR
  • Fly further into Africa (to Morocco and back in May was a good start)
  • Tour Scandinavia
  • Fly to Minsk
Essen-Mülheim (EDLE), Düsseldorf (EDDL), Paderborn (EDLP), Mönchengladbach (EDLN), Germany

SET, Meridien or TBM

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

@dublinpilot, no ultralight can carry three people ;-) what’s on your shortlist?

I fancy an MCR-4S. Just not sure if I’ll be able to import one built by someone else, onto the Irish register. Can’t keep it on a foreign reg, as it can only stay here for 30 days at a time. A problem to worry about in a few years. I recon it’s 6-8 years away still before I can worry about that problem ;)

EIWT Weston

Survive another year

Avoid the mistakes of the past

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

dublinpilot wrote:

To own an aircraft that can carry 3 people + bags, does 120Kts and that is cheap enough to run that I can afford to fly it without having to worry about the costs.
I fancy an MCR-4S.

Airplanes which can do what you want start fairly cheap and are not really that expensive to keep. Seeing that the MCR’s start at 60-70k these days with newer models up to 120k, I’d think you can get a capable 4 seat tourer which can do a lot more than 120 kts for less than half that and spend the rest flying it

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LSZH, Switzerland

stay healthy and fit and eventually get the bus pass

I had a look at the webpage. English is a language full of difficulties
Apply for an older person’s bus pass
Why older instead of old? Is older a kind way to say old? Or is it just another piece of bureaucratic jargon?

“Old” has a derogatory meaning in modern English – same as “housewife” and much else. The UK is full of this politically correct crap

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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