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ForeFlight (merged thread)

Josh_Tahmasebi_ForeFlight wrote:

Here is the video we posted to explain!

That link seems to have become mangled during creation, as it just takes one to another EuroGA page, not YouTube.

I tried posting it too, with the same results. The exclamation mark is also somehow added by the server.

If one goes to YouTube, the video can be found by searching on ForeFlight and looking for “ForeFlight Feature Focus: Internet Traffic via FlightAware”

I just pasted the link here instead of using the link button in the message window.

Last Edited by chflyer at 29 May 15:09
LSZK, Switzerland

Video fixed. The EuroGA text processor treats youtube and vimeo URLs specially and converts them into the “player” presentation, but if you make one as a link, that breaks it.

It’s all in Posting Tips.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Ah thanks @chflyer and @Peter. Apologies for that.

FF Product Manager - International
KAUS, United States

No probs; it catches out a lot of people.

Basically the only way you can post a youtube or vimeo video as a hotlink is to obfuscate it with tinyurl or some such, but that’s bad practice because the reader can’t hover on it to see what it is about.

The code could have been done smarter, to identify an attempt to do a hotlink, and allow it…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Josh_Tahmasebi_ForeFlight wrote:

In the meantime, can I just confirm the route provided the change in altitude and you didn’t add that manually?

Hi Josh, thanks. Apologies about the delayed reply. I didn’t make any personal modifications to the route (i.e. level changes) it was all done by the routing function. Will e-mail you the details of my account.

Thank you!

PS: part of the point of posting it here was to see if there is a definite view on which routing engine is the more accurate one so people can make sure they are using the correct fuel and time calculation when routing.

Last Edited by TimR at 07 Jun 18:22

Hi @TimR,

I appreciate you getting back to me. No problem at all on the delay as it’s given me some time to talk to the team to get more information. So here is more background:

  • There are two planning engines – One that takes all aspects of flights into accounts including changes in altitudes or speed and one that is most used when offline or planning from the map view.
  • The first powers items like the Route Advisor, the Flight performance calculations on the Flights tabs, the Briefing, and the printable Nav Log and is only available with a data connection.
  • The second powers the views on the FPL drawer for all uses and online/offline connections (Edit, Navlog, Profile). These views DO use performance information to make calculations but is limited to a single climb and descent which is why your numbers were coming out differently.

We are actively working to update this second engine so we have better flight planning calculations in the views described above and this will enable items like showing these changes in climb and descent in Profile as well. The best scenario at the moment is to plan from the map and use the “send to” button to send your flight to the Flights tab for the most detailed calculations since this also takes into account Fuel and Weight on the Performance plan. If you pull a briefing and nav log, they will be available offline during your flight for additional reference items as well.

I hope this helps to answer your questions and gives some more insight into where we are and where we are going. Again, not the best source for everything flight planning, but I can share feedback with the Flight Planning team and our Pilot Support Team can always assist with planning and filing questions.

As always, thanks for letting me know!

FF Product Manager - International
KAUS, United States

Hi all!

It’s a new release day for ForeFlight. Here are the notes for the release below. For more information, visit

ForeFlight 12.5 (June 2020)

Hotspots on Airport Diagrams

  • ForeFlight’s embedded airport diagrams now display published hotspots for improved situational awareness on the ground.
  • The embedded airport diagrams are part of ForeFlight’s Aeronautical Map layer, and appear as you zoom into many airports around the world.
  • Hotspots on airport diagrams appear as orange highlighting on top of runways, taxiways, and aprons.
  • ForeFlight’s PDF airport diagrams also display hotspots in the same manner.

Multimode Timer in More

  • Keep track of time in a variety of ways using the new Multimode Timer located at the bottom of ForeFlight’s slide-out More menu.
  • Tap the up/down arrow to the right of the timer to switch between Count Up and Count Down modes.
  • In Count Up mode, tap the timer to begin counting up from zero, tap it again to stop the count, and tap it once more to reset the count to zero.
  • In Count Down mode, tap the timer to set a length in hours, minutes, and seconds, select whether the timer will repeat, and set the number of repetitions after the initial countdown. Tap the timer to start the countdown, and tap it again to stop and clear the count.
  • ForeFlight displays an in-app audio and visual alert whenever the timer reaches zero in Count Down mode, and states whether or not the timer will repeat. If ForeFlight is in the background or closed when the timer expires your device will display an iOS notification with the same information if you’ve allowed ForeFlight to display notifications.

PDF Form Support in Documents

  • The Documents and Files in Flights views now provide better support for PDF files that contain editable form fields.
  • Tap on any form field to enter text using the keyboard.
  • Closing and reopening an edited document will retain all previous edits, while also still allowing you to access the edited fields to make additional changes.

Other Improvements

  • On iPads and large iPhones, swiping in from the left side of the screen on the Airports view will open the Favorites/Recents/Browse sidebar.
  • Weather stations now support the same style of popup window the Maps view as airports, with tabs for basic information and different kinds of available weather information. You can access weather station information from the Search bar or by tapping one on the map with a suitable weather layer enabled.

Thanks all,

FF Product Manager - International
KAUS, United States

Is it possible to report just the price of 100LL without the price of JET-A1 in the Foreflight app? Because the other way around, it doesn’t work. The app will tell you that the 100LL price field has to be filled in. But I wouldn’t know that from my JET invoice, so I can’t report it. Which means no fuel price reports from me at the moment.

I did let Foreflight support know about the bug, and they asked which airport and which price I wanted to update so they could do it manually for me. But getting one single fuel price into it wasn’t really the idea when reporting this as a bug of the app. I’m not really feeling strongly about this one price point, but I think I would be reporting prices from time to time if the app let me. Maybe @Josh_Tahmasebi_ForeFlight can get this fixed?

Hi @Rwy20,

I passed that along to the team that handles our fuel features for review. In the meantime, I talked to our team that collects and approves fuel prices for the app. If you don’t delete the 100LL price, you are able to still send the update. As fuel prices, once approved by this team, display in ForeFlight within minutes, we are constantly keeping them updated.

I do agree that it would be nice to submit an update for a single type or select the types you’d like to update and I’ve shared that feedback as well. I don’t have a timeline on enhancing that functionality, but for now, you should be ok submitting fuel prices you haven’t updated as it will not adjust them in the system. We are able to see which prices updated and the previous prices so we know what needs to be updated. We have a team in the U.S. and Europe who are also calling to update fuel prices regularly as well so, between the combination of both, we can hope to keep them more up to date.

Appreciate the feedback and let me know if you have other questions.

All the best,

FF Product Manager - International
KAUS, United States

OK, so even if I send in both, this doesn’t count as a confirmation of the current price? E.g. the price would state “100LL updated over a month ago, JET-A1 updated yesterday” if I send in both prices, but only one is different from the previously known price?

In my opinion, it should also be possible to send in the same price just as a confirmation that it hasn’t changed in the meantime. That is also how I would expect to understand someone sending in the form with the previous price left filled in.

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