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ForeFlight (merged thread)

VRPs for VFR are not unique identifiers, so choosing the names instead might confuse. May be a workaround to give both, names and VP numbers in the log.

Other programmes manage the problem – here for example SkyDemon

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

dejwu wrote:

KMZ File Support > adding a zip function to the .kml file handling, hm, anybody need that?

Yes, that has been specifically requested here.

LSZK, Switzerland

Peter_Mundy wrote:

Other programmes manage the problem – here for example SkyDemon

Hi @Peter_Mundy,

We are working to determine the right approach for this one and hope to have a fix in a future update. I appreciate the feedback.


ForeFlight - Project Manager Europe
KAUS, United States

Hi Josh,

I tried ForeFlight this week but gave up and reverted to GP because FF would not transfer any flight plan including a UK VRP by Connext to my GTN650.

For instance this fails:

while this works fine:

Do you have any idea why?

Last Edited by Jacko at 14 Feb 19:44
Glenswinton, SW Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi @jacko,

I think I may know why, but if you could provide some color this would be appreciated.

Currently, VRPs in a route are using the naming construct that is not likely recognized. What it may do (and I will double check on this) is to send coordinates for the point to the GTN. Is this what you saw? We are currently working on this naming construct, however, we will need to investigate how this will be affected by sending to a hardware device.

Another question for you: when transferring from Garmin Pilot to GTN, does it bring over the name exactly as shown or does it insert as a lat/lon. I have noticed that the codes used in Garmin for VRPs seem to be specific to Garmin so I am grateful for any insight there.

Look forward to hearing more,


ForeFlight - Project Manager Europe
KAUS, United States

Hi Josh,

I think that GP sends VRPs as a USERWPT in Lat/Long.

Embarrassingly, my airplane is 300 miles away, so I can’t check for sure. Maybe @JasonC can confirm.

P.S. I did once, temporarily, have a similar problem with GP sending one local IFR waypoint which was not yet in my GTN database.

Last Edited by Jacko at 14 Feb 20:24
Glenswinton, SW Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi @Jacko,

Ah ok. No problem at all.


ForeFlight - Project Manager Europe
KAUS, United States

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to post the latest release notes including information about extended coverage in Ireland, Norway, and the U.K.

ForeFlight 11.1

Expanded Coverage for the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Norway
All European subscribers can now download AIPs for the U.K., Ireland, and Norway, which include airport diagrams, IFR and VFR procedure charts, IFR enroute charts for Norway, and documents. Jeppesen’s IFR and VFR aeronautical data is also included for all three countries.
New optional VFR add-ons are also available to enhance your visual flying:
United Kingdom NATS VFR ICAO Chart (1:500k)
United Kingdom Pooleys VFR Trip Kit
Ireland Pooleys VFR Trip Kit
Norway Avinor VFR ICAO Chart
ForeFlight already provides advanced flight planning capabilities in all three countries, including fast autorouting and EUROCONTROL route validation, IFR and VFR flight plan filing, and helpful flight plan notifications like EUROCONTROL slot allocation messages, flight suspension and de-suspension notices, and calculated takeoff time (CTOT) messages caused by flight plan delays.

Flight Planning Enhancements
When you plan a new flight that is too short for your aircraft’s default cruise altitude, ForeFlight will automatically suggest a lower altitude and allow you to adopt it with a tap.
ForeFlight now shows your filed and expected routes on the Flights view alongside the currently-planned route, allowing you to easily adopt one of them as the planned route.
The Airspeed Units selector on the Flights View filing form now includes options for Mach units and KPH.
When viewing an FBO’s details, three new buttons near the top of the window allow you to call the FBO, locate the FBO on Apple Maps, or email the FBO.
Quickly remove a waypoint or airport from your route by tapping on it on the Maps view and tapping “Remove from Route” at the top of the popup.

There is more in the pattern for the rest of Winter and into the Spring so if you don’t see a requested feature now, know that several are coming soon.


Last Edited by Josh_Tahmasebi_ForeFlight at 26 Feb 14:55
ForeFlight - Project Manager Europe
KAUS, United States

For UK pilots having the NATS chart is huge as I never found a better way to navigate outside controlled airspace using any apps’ vector maps. It was the one thing I missed moving to FF from Garmin Pilot.

Last Edited by JasonC at 26 Feb 15:15
EGTK Oxford
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