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Freight company From Rotterdam to Germany

Maxallup sent you a PM did you receive it?


Hi C210, I replied a few days back to your msg. We will be going to BTS before Christmas, but the mode of transport is not decided yet, will confirm when finalised. Happy Landings Max.

Never received it. Can you send it again?


Check your spam box.

This is also relevant, as are other posts in the IT/Website section on this recurring topic. Gmail is really unbelievably stupid – they are using 1980s antispam tactics. I have demonstrated a 100% loss rate with a 1-word email to a particular recipient, and a 100% success rate with a 2-word email. A 50% loss rate with a brief email but containing a URL. Etc. Driverless cars? Yeah right…

Edit: you can pick up PMs in your profile (under My Account / User to User Messages). So no need to rely on email delivery working.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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