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D-ESPJ TB20 crash near Annecy, France, 25/11/2016

Peter wrote:

Does anyone have Airnav Pro and could get a screenshot of what the map looks like in this area?

I think anyone using it will likely keep a low profile….. :)

EGTK Oxford

JasonC wrote:

I think anyone using it will likely keep a low profileā€¦.. :)

Ah well sod it, let me be that person :-)

LFHN - Bellegarde - Vouvray France

Thanks – that one does show enough elevations to not be flying at 6500ft anywhere near there.

Your ANP chart seems to be identical to the IGN (?) one downloaded from their online site here (as discussed here ) except for some overlaid info.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

The screenshot I posted earlier in the thread is ANP – with IGN chart, unless I took it from which also shows the IGN chart

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OK; let me phrase it a bit differently, not myself being familiar with ANP… What kind of mapdata would an ANP user likely have if based in Germany but flying to France on a one-off trip, and assume this is a “non-IT” kind of guy.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I don’t think there are any default aviation base maps.

I would venture they would most probably use the IGN map. I confirm that there is no aviation base map. Only airspace. The chart posted by LFHNflightstudent I believe shows the downloaded airspace data overlayed on the chart.

Last Edited by Aviathor at 16 Dec 18:56

So you only have airspace data in Air Nav Pro and need to buy additional map data for each country?


Yes. There is a collection of freebees, including airspace data, OpenStreetMaps, some topographic maps… You need to buy the aviation stuff. There is some elevation data displayed on the route profile.



exactly. That’s why the base app is so cheap!

However, what you can do is load free geographical base maps and then put the aeronautical data on top of it, which makes it a cheap (and terrible quality) solution, but I guess some cheapskates fly with (just) that…

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Mainz (EDFZ), Germany
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