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Buying a "D" Registration Aircraft

I am pleased to say that Piper Germany have signed my form agreeing to be my local Receiving Agent. They didn’t charge but asked that I buy something from them at some point which seems very reasonable. They did say they don’t normally do this though unless it is one of their CAMO aircraft.

I also got an offer from a EuroGA contributor as well which was very welcome.

This was my first post on EuroGA and saying it was hardly an interesting topic for most got some really helpful responses. Thanks


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Do you need to be an EU resident to own a D Reg, or just have someone local ready to receive the mail?

Tököl LHTL

Actually, this “need an in-country receiving agent” can become a can of worms in itself… It ties you to the person that acts as such and you cannot have too strong a disagreement with them. Especially if that’s your CAMO and maintenance organisation, it limits your ability to have maintenance done elsewhere. I’ve been told that France does not require such an in-country contact.

If you want to be 100% independent, maybe you can use the services of a remailer. For Germany, I know; they give you an address is Germany, Belgium, UK, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Italy, Canada and Australia. Mail can be then forwarded or scanned and shredded. For low usage, they cost:

  1. 5 EUR/month
  2. 0.50 EUR per letter
  3. 4 EUR per page
    (they have more efficient pricing for higher usage)

If anybody knows of such a service that gives you an address in the Netherlands for cheap…


lionel wrote:

I’ve been told that France does not require such an in-country contact.

Confirm that. France are very relaxed with regards place of residence of the owner.

I know it’s detailed on the LBA website, if it really matters to you I can check and find the link. As far as I remember, you have to be an EU citizen, or live in Germany (which requires papers, not just a mailbox), or you have to have a “business interest” which the LBA has to approve.


Thanks, this is what I thought, is the way G-Reg works too.

Tököl LHTL
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