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Does ATC ever have a laugh at what they see on radar?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Don’t think anyone had us on radar tough ;)

Somewhere (today) I saw much more artistic tracks by a D registered aircraft, but I can’t find it now. CNN? BBC?
One was a flower.

EGPE, United Kingdom

What would the chemtrail conspiracy theorists make of that ?

Rehearsing holds and procedure turns at random directions from the same point.

LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic

What were you guys doing with such seemingly random tracks?

EIWT Weston
Essen-Mülheim (EDLE), Düsseldorf (EDDL), Paderborn (EDLP), Mönchengladbach (EDLN), Germany

What charge, if any, would we face, if we put an offensive flight-track on radar? What is offensive would vary by country, even within the EU.

Last Edited by Maoraigh at 05 Dec 22:26
EGPE, United Kingdom

Would the radar op even see the track in real time? I mean, they would see the returns but would they see the shape drawn as it was drawn or would it only be evident on the devices already illustrated and things like FR24?

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