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Crash LPCS (also engine failure probability on a twin)

A PA-31T Cheyenne II just crashed while T/O at LPCS. According to media, the Swiss registered HB-LTI crashed 2 km of LPCS, Killing the pilot and 3 passengers as well a person on the ground.

So far, the accident is under investigation.

Sad day.

LPSR, Portugal

I saw that plane yesterday before we left Cascais.




LFHN - Bellegarde - Vouvray France

From news reports:

What could cause that? That’s really unusual in light GA.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

One usually reliable source does state things went wrong shortly after take-off, which seems to contradict the mid-air bit, and without any mention of an explosion. Whom does the “is said” refer to? It sounds so tabloid-like.

[[edit]] “while T/O” was even in the opening post.

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EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

Just like Peter I am wondering about the reports of the aircraft “exploding mid-air”. Even an engine fire would lead to an instant explosion, would it. Real life isn’t Holywood!

Novice pilot
EDVM Hildesheim, Germany

To get an explosion (without some explosive, of course) you would need a fuel leak into some cavity, and a source of ignition. I don’t think you can get an explosion inside the cavity of a fuel tank because the fuel to air ratio inside will be too high. Also there should not be a source of ignition inside the fuel tank, anyway.

This was a certified aircraft so should have proper (fireproof) hoses for the fuel.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

The engine could let go, with a similar effect.

Fly safely
Various UK. Operate throughout Europe and Middle East, United Kingdom

Eyewitness reports are terribly unreliable. For instance, if it had shed a prop blade, it would probably have made a loud noise and one of the engines would have been torn off, and I’m sure some eyewitnesses would have described it as “the aircraft exploding”.

Andreas IOM

To you pilots, can I humbly ask, how that kind of tragic accidents, make you, eventually, (re)consider your taste for flying ?

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