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5380 aircraft made by Socata

This suprised me.

It's also an interesting site for checking on whether some for sale details are plausible.

This is another Socata data collection, which I re-hosted when its server started to fall over. I have no idea who collected all that data, or how, but some of it is pretty amazing. For example, for mine, the collector managed to get both the N reg which existed only on the factory floor (for a few weeks) and the F reg on which it was flown on a single flight from Tarbes to Biggin Hill. My guess is that he got some info from a contact inside Socata. The last update was done c. 2008.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I'm not sure about last update, because 9A-DKZ came to Croatia 2011-2012 (previously HB-KFM) and it's on the list with correct registration while mine (9A-SAW, S/N 1923) came to Croatia 2010 and it's recorded with old tail numbers (F-OILH and PH-VMV).

LDZA LDVA, Croatia
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