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Wingly - your experiences carrying passengers, good and bad

petakas wrote:

I won’t get a complete stranger (me) all alone in the aircraft.

Good idea. Something like that can happen, attempted murder on one FI near Berlin in 2013 – here

Peter wrote:

It would be interesting to hear of cases where the pilot decided to not fly with somebody, and why.

This FI has decided not to fly again with him.

Berlin, Germany

petakas wrote:

In my opinion for Wingly to really catch up it needs to reach the potential users, the wide audience of people who may fly with GA pilots.
This needs a lot of publicity on media.
It has got some publicity in UK mainly and northern Europe but not south of the Alps where GA is less active.

Yeah, but give them some time for that. This is the bit that requires a lot of investment of both time and funds to be effective and it’s understandable for a start-up to tackle this country by country. IMHO they are currently hiring new country managers.

Essen-Mülheim (EDLE), Düsseldorf (EDDL), Paderborn (EDLP), Mönchengladbach (EDLN), Germany

highflyer wrote:

Something like that can happen, attempted murder on one FI near Berlin in 2013 – here

Given the statistics of murder with aircrfat useage (incl. “extended suicide”), the passenger might be in bigger danger than the pilot.

Inside the sky.
EDXE, EDXF, Germany

I am trying to keep this thread on the topic.

Only posts 4 5 and 6 talk about actual experiences and all of them are fairly positive. So just 3 people on EuroGA have done Wingly so far and written about it.

Interesting that nobody here has written about any negative experiences. Just speculation that there might be some. That is a positive thing, of course.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I have offered two flights at 0€ rate. One flight had no takers (but a photo shooting request from a fellow aviator) and for the other flight a potential traveller didn’t call that the wanted to go until after the departure.


Inside the sky.
EDXE, EDXF, Germany

My dad auctioned a few flights for his local Rotary Service Club. The proceeds go to charity and none of it is being paid to me. My dad used to fly these flights himself, but he lost his medical and asked me to fly. I agreed with some reluctance, I don’t enjoy doing sightseeing flights for random strangers, I did a lot of those when flying gliders, and I must say that I never had one negative experience, so my dislike is not based on a bad experience. May be I’d like to use the time for my IR training or personal flying? Anyway, for my first ‘cliënt’ we had to cancel three times before the weather was good. I realy enjoyed the flight. The autumn weather was spectacular, with everything from rainbows, rain showers, crisp air with limitles visibility and the autumn colours from National Park Hoge Veluwe and all that during the ‘golden hour’ before a spectacular sunset. I left my two passengers absolutely thrilled/stunned and I was too. Normaly I would not have flown, so this flight was a gift. The passengers where most friendly and very enthousiastic. I checked their Facebook account and if anything, the flight contributed in no small way to the promotion of GA and my airfield, and both can use some friendly press.


I have an interesting experience to share…

In 2015 I took a fresh PPL on an IFR flight to Hamburg. I got into contact with him via a flight sharing group on Facebook.
He was interested in doing the IR and this was a good occasion.

Here you can see him sitting in the back of our plane:

The guy was successful; owning a house in The Netherlands and in Germany. Well educated and fluent in English and German.
He said he would be flying to the UK the next day with his own Piper Arrow for business. He told us he was in the medical training business; training Asian dentists to European standards.

The guy regularly contacted me and started the IR training with the instructor I suggested him.

About a year later he was caught in the UK with 22kg pure cocaine in his plane…

Apparently this whole “dentist training” business was a cover up for regular drugs trafficking.

I learned from this. I am now very careful with whom I go flying…

Barry Seal :)

EDLN, Germany

lenthamen wrote:

Small world, I work with the guy you’re sitting up front with!


Lenthamen wrote:

He told us he was in the medical training business; training Asian dentists to European standards.

Should have made you suspicious from the start. There is no money to be made in post-graduate medical training. In Germany at least the experienced physicians do it basically for free. This is more or less mandated by social security laws.

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Novice pilot
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