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Peter wrote:

I am not going to spend time finding out whether your email is really bogus so if it is, I suggest you change it.

It is NOT! I’m starting having doubts if I`m a robot now BTW, Peter, thank you for your hospitality…

If it works, fair enough.

That mag has one interesting article near the end which says that paper air filters are likely to become impermeable to air when they get wet.

That is quite an interesting revelation, especially given that I nearly installed an STC for the K&N air filter replacement some years ago, and these use paper elements!

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
K&N airfilters made of paper ?? Typically you install them to get rid of paper types. They are fine textile and soaked with oil to filter at all. So in consequence you have to wash them in periods when dusty and oil again for use. Vic
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