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HUD displays in GA?

I have come across this:

While it looks fun on on VFR days, I don’t know much of HUD is used for flying commercial aircrafts in IMC?

In military aircraft HUDs are useful in critical manoeuvres: low altitudes along the surface, formation/combat flying or those aircraft carriers landings…none of these fits the GA flying profile and also, comparing price/size, I would rather go for google glasses connected to G1000 PFD

ESSEX, United Kingdom

The F-35 has “Google glasses”. The helmet and it’s VR display technology is an integral part of the avionics and weapons systems. The HUD is mainly a development of the gun sights from WWII. This GA HUD only looks like a different place of displaying what is already displayed on the EFIS. Nothing new, but more practical I guess. Cool though

Ibra wrote:

I don’t know much of HUD is used for flying commercial aircrafts in IMC?

I thought the autopilot did all the flying in IMC No need to look – anywhere…

They are appearing now on airliners and biz jet.
The advantage as far as I understand or as far as it is marketed, is in the transition from instrument to visual on the approach. This could possibly lead to reduction of minima or allowing a/c to land despite not being capable of autoland or allowing a/c to land at non CAT III equiped airport.

Nympsfield, United Kingdom

You mean you have a runway visual on the HUD (pilot can’t see it) but from a high tech camera/device one would if it gets displayed on HUD?

Synthetic vision does some of this and some claim they have done it (night on grass strips)

For GA, as LeSving mentions HUD/Glasses at the end it is just a “cool thing” but it will make life far more easier to get some infromation handy ahead, one you have a taste of it you never come back (e.g. geo-referrencing of plates, radio/nav freqs)

ESSEX, United Kingdom

IR/Low light pictures projected on the HUD is an additional advantage.
But I was meaning that not having to move your head/eyes and not having to adjust from medium/near focal distance to far distance is an advantage in itself.

Nympsfield, United Kingdom

They have been around for decades. MD80 had it from the beginning. 733 had it optional.Saab 2000 had it. E.t.c.

LSZH, Switzerland
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