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How to lose your plane and 35 000 Euro

mh wrote:

Katamarino wrote: to warn people to do very thorough due diligence before any agreement with this installer

… or with this customer.

From what I heard Jesse did a pretty good job on your company aircraft. It would be fair to notify readers about a possible conflict of interest before posting such claims.

Cory_Relling_Aspen_Avionics wrote:

Although I am not able to comment on this situation in this forum for legal reasons,

Then maybe the CFO or CEO would care to explain why Aspen Avionics would not return the $20000 for dishonestly sold equipment.
LFCL, France

pilotmark wrote:

But regardless, I believe I can make the world a better place by sharing the story. If Jesse + Aspen did it once and got away with it, they will do it again.

So you are the customer?

EGTK Oxford

JasonC wrote:

So you are the customer?

Hasn’t that been obvious from the start?

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

JasonC wrote:

So you are the customer?

No. I clarified this at the start

LFCL, France

Airborne_Again wrote:

Of course it looks shady if we only hear from one side!

Archie wrote:

There are probably more sides to this story…

Michael wrote:

Seriously, you obviously are leaving out " the other side of the story" …

Cory_Relling_Aspen_Avionics wrote:

I am sure that you are aware that there are two sides to every story.

mh wrote:

Hard to decide, if you get to know only one side.

I was wondering how I can help you with this mysterious but secret “other side of the story”
The best I can do is present e-mails and letters written in this matter by Aspen Avionics and Jesse. Some documents are personally signed by the chief of international sales at Aspen. I hope he will not deny his own words and will not repeat about the other side of the story

Last Edited by pilotmark at 01 Feb 09:16
LFCL, France


A serious question. What are you actually trying to achieve here?

Are you aiming to get a resolution, as in get the aircraft out of the hangar and flying again?

Or is it that this could be achieved easily, but you are arguing about how much you have to pay to do that?

Or are you just trying to get some “publicity” of whatever flavour for the installer and/or avionics manufacturer?

Your aims will affect the best course of action.

Darley Moor, Gamston (UK)

The plane has been in the Vliekwerk hangar for 17 months. The o-360 engine after delivery was not preserved, because the installer promised that the whole project will last about 6 weeks.
Question? How much would be a 1972 Robin with a rusted engine, cut radio, electric and vacuum installations, dismantled avionics and antennas?
Add to that holes in the fuselage in places where Jesse tried to mount the Aspen antennas.
Out of annual, no valid ARC
Any other damages???
Answer: sold as a project, maybe 10 000 Euro, maybe 5 000
Not worth the effort.

Neil wrote:

What are you actually trying to achieve here?

I would like Aspen Avionics to admit that the company acted dishonestly by offering his client a settlement and a few weeks later abandoning work on STC. And that they with full awareness sold equipment to a customer who had no possibility to install it and then the company refused to return the money

I would like Jesse to publicly acknowledge what he admitted by e-mail: That Aspen Avionics did not require immediate payment for their equipment in 2016. That he misled the readers of this forum about STC for Robin aircraft for Aspen equipment. That he prevented his client from taking his own plane when it turned out that he could not keep his word and finish the project in six weeks.

LFCL, France

If you are not the customer I don’t understand what your beef is. If you were the customer then OK but all you are doing is complaining on behalf of a third party. If the third party is upset let them come and complain. You are making statements against named parties but do not have the balls to reveal your own true identy.

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

Peter_Mundy wrote:

If you are not the customer I don’t understand what your beef is

making the world a better place

LFCL, France

pilotmark wrote:

making the world a better place

I’m frankly not sure you are going about the best way of doing it.

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden
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