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High Altitude VFR/IFR

So as not to distract from the great trip Pilot DAR is on, I wanted to address this.

If one wanted to an aircraft at RVSM levels (lets say FL300) which is not RVSM, you can either ask for it IFR negative RVSM which I assume is unlikely to be approved. Or you can be VFR. Won't work in the UK but what about the rest of Europe?

EGTK Oxford

Or you can be VFR. Won't work in the UK but what about the rest of Europe?

In Germany, everything above FL 100 is airspace class C. So only controlled VFR will be possible. If you don't get a clearance to fly IFR, you won't get one for CVFR either. Unless you try some record flight in a glider or balloon or solar powered aircraft...

EDDS - Stuttgart

For what it is worth, EKDK (Copenhagen) FIR: Max VFR FL is 195 (mostly Class E). The AIP has it like this: "En route VFR flights shall not be operated above FL195 in airspace class C" but also states "Unless permission has been obtained from the Danish Trasnsport Authority, VFR flights shall not be operated above FL200". To my knowlegde, all airspace above FL200 in EKDK FIR is class C. Flying mostly IFR and always below FL200, I have not dug into this.

EKRK, Denmark

Italy is the same. Airspace G up to FL195 (that's outside TMAs, CTRs, etc.), so VFR is possible up to that altitude. Above is airspace C, and you a prior approval from the CAA to go there. I wonder if anyone has ever done it. Probably same test flying done under VFR up there.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

UK is OK for VFR up to FL195, above which it is banned (Class C and no VFR allowed).

France is generally Class D FL120-FL195, Class A FL200+. VFR is not allowed in most of the Class D (not sure why they did that - perhaps because they had loads of people flying "VFR" in there to avoid the Eurocontrol charges) and of course not in the Class A.

I think most countries, USA included, are Class E or G above FL600, but you have to first get there

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

So as a follow up, am I correct in assuming that RVSM negative flight above FL280 is not going to be allowed essentially anywhere in Northern Europe?

EGTK Oxford
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