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Homemade Electric Airplane

This is as homemade as you can get! A kid in America has built and flown an electric biplane. It’s more like a Disney movie than reality.

It falls under the ultralight category and therefore seems to be totally unregulated.

I think it’s pretty cool!


nokicky wrote:

I think it’s pretty cool!

So do I A nice fresh breath from a talented kid. There is way too much “seriosity” regarding flying.


LeSving wrote:

There is way too much “seriosity” regarding flying.

Yeah… like dying if you f**k things up…

[ please don’t use the f-word in full – it blacklists EuroGA on corporate firewalls ]

Aufwind GmbH
EKPB, Germany

I know one guy who started our like this kid, who now runs a well known aircraft related business. In his case he started with models and switched to a VariEze at age 16. Having successfully flown that (it’s still flying BTW) he did an original design which first flew in his early 20s. On that one he was too aggressive with the wing design so he redesigned the wing, flew it for a while while being written up in the 1980s press, and its also still flying 30 years later.

Innate talent is a wonderful thing to behold and clearly this kid has a very bright future ahead of him.

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Wonderful.. Indeed a bright future for a kid like that. I hope that he realizes that too, and protects these brains a bit better next time, by putting a helmet on

Private field, Mallorca, Spain
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