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How to lose your plane and 35000 Euro

Depending on how you value your time, it is likely cheaper and will yield better results than to spend hours anonymously slagging someone off on the internet.

Yes , and having a judge decide on the matter ensures that both sides are heard and all facts are taken into account

EHRD, Netherlands

Maybe you could advise the owner, which of Jesse’s companies would have to be taken to court?
Leaving aside the legal costs estimated in the range of 20 – 30 kE, what shall happen when a favorable sentence would be achieved?
Jesses limited liability companies do not have capital. It’s been stated a few times already.
You would be more effective asking God almighty for justice in this case

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LFCL, France

gratd wrote:

Yes , and having a judge decide on the matter ensures that both sides are heard and all facts are taken into account

Just curious who is going to step up and pay for the legal bills? You? The whole point of all these layers upon layers of various companies is to reduce financial liability. Anyone know how much liability insurance Jesse is carrying? Which companies?

If your talking about an aircraft worth a million Euros it would still be a problem.

My beef is that There is an anonymous accuser and the accused is just as absent allowing other “friends” to sow doubt into the charge.

Personally if a shop screws up and then has the temerity to stonewall and not make good, everyone should hear about it. Thats why they say reputation is everything. If you are in the wrong admit it and make good.

By the way for big ticket items its not unusual for the shop to ask up front payment for all or part of the equipment being purchased.

I dropped many times 40- 50000 dollars at a shop for all sorts of work with balance paid at completion. In my case I knew many who used the shop had a great reputation by many to whom I spoke to. Getting advice by, who knows whom, on this site is irresponsible. Sorry pilotmark but you should not deal with information gotten from anonymous sources when making such large financial transactions. Ok course that is hindsight talking.


gratd wrote:

Yes , and having a judge decide on the matter ensures that both sides are heard and all facts are taken into account

Not in Scotland it does’nt……….voted year on year the most judicially corrupt country on the planet. Untruths on all sides is de rigueur.

Civil Litigation Court is a game played by lawyers, with the customer paying for the privilege. You never, ever, want to get to proof unless the sum sought is a lottery win. I am involved in a case at the moment where we have an individual going to proof for 5k. His legal bill to date is topping 20k. He thinks the guy he is taking action against has some money and he will recoup expenses. The pursuers solicitors are heaping fee upon fee pre ‘proof’. The more educated amongst us will realise that the defender has the square root of zero and is pulling the pursuers chain….edited to add I am neither the pursuer, nor defender

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Fly safe. I want this thing to land l...
EGPF Glasgow

I really appreciate your comments @C210_Flyer

To out the shop but not out the owner is odd. Nothing can be achieved there.
Frankly, I’m quite grateful to read threads like this. Not only do I learn what can go wrong, but also what the worst case looks like.

It is strange to me to see so many posts telling this guy (or gal, who knows, they’re anonymous) to shut up, and maybe they’re right in doing so, as we the audience have no clue about the full transaction or the minor details (did he spit on the shop owner? :)

I’ll tell you guys that I have taken my plane to a Mooney Certified Service Center every year for the very reason that I’m primarily ignorant, and never want to end up in a situation like this…

When I see a burning car on the side of the road, I look at it and go ‘oooh, I never want that to happen to me’.
So when my mechanic says, “yeah I think you should take care of this detail” I remember that burning car.
For me, this is a burning car…

Thanks Peter and David for letting this post run. It’s ugly, it stinks and nobody’s having a good time, but I’m glad you’re letting it ride.

Hopefully, the thread will end on a happy note, with a picture of the aircraft flying again and all parties shaking hands at a EuroGA fly-in event.

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