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Can dirty fuel block injectors?

That is now my fourth airplane what I have bought and afterwards I always checked all components thoroughly. One part of work is to unscrew the drain-valves.
There was always a rest of mud and fine particles in the tanks. I cleaned it up and I was wondering how long turns an engine until it stops? I know there are a lot of filters
on the way, thank goodness. But in order to prevent an incident I would always recommend to remove the drain-valves from time to time.

Berlin, Germany

dublinpilot wrote:

Does anyone use one of these Mr Funnel filters? The largest one allows 15usg/pm so shouldn’t slow down fuelling too much.

Yes. I often have to refill out of a jerry can and the Mr Funnel is simply a must in case there’s debris in the bottom of the jerry can. It works very well.

Andreas IOM
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