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ILAMFT, M = maintenance

Hi everyone, I propose a new thread as a repository of actual maintenance experience that may be helpful to others.

Two small items of my own:

Replacement of a control surface often involves disassembly of a piano hinge it hangs on. In my case, the hinge had been in service for something like 38 years, so inserting a drift into one end and furiously hammering on it failed to drive the wire out. The solution (found on the fourth iteration of trial and error) was to grab the wire with locking pliers (vise grips for the US readers) tightened to the maximum, and then hammer on the pliers to pull the wire out instead of pushing it.

A convenient tool for bleeding the brakes through the caliper valves: a large (25-50-100 mL) disposable syringe + a length of aquarium tubing.

LKBU near Prague, Czech Republic

The syringe method is what I’ve used for bleeding brakes, but I’ve found the rubber seal on the plunger almost instantly swells up in the presence of Aeroshell 41 making the plunger very hard to depress. I found a job lot of cheap glass syringes on eBay, and it’s made the job about 10 times easier.

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