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In Goose Bay ready for crossing

So managed to pass my FAA check ride and we are now in Goose Bay ready to fly to Narsarsuaq followed by Iceland tomorrow. Will do a trip report but if anyone is interested, you can follow our progress on:

EGTK Oxford

Have a safe flight Jason, I'm sure that you have Narsarsuaq figured out, but still approach with caution, The alternate is a long way away, and that's a steep icecap off the end of the runway!

In Reykjavik, if not the Hotel Loftlieder, the Holt hotel downtown is quite nice. When leaving, if you can over fly, or even land at Vestmannyjar. It's very pretty, with a fascinating history.

Enjoy your flight, it's so beautiful!

Home runway, in central Ontario, Canada

Jason, have a safe trip back, will be following your flight and looking forward to your trip report. Br Rob

Well done Jason

There's a pilot who talks little, buys a plane, and gets on with it

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Have a great - and safe! - trip!


Overhead Greenland now it appears, on the way to Iceland.

Very impressive, look forward to the trip report (if you are planning to post one)


Quick update. Had to divert due to BIRK deteriorating. Glad we did as we landed on gravel and snow at an airport surrounded by mountains and fjords. Amazing. May do Wick direct if winds work tomorrow.

EGTK Oxford

I wondered where you were off to :-))))

Have a great flight tomorrow. It is great fun to watch your progress on the website.

Nice trip!

EIWT Weston
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