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DTO use of aircraft and location

Cheap and hassle free approaches?, including LPV would me my guess

Snoopy wrote:

Apart from declaring the aircraft to be used is there any other paperwork required?

IIRC, you don’t declare the aircraft to be used, you declare the aircraft __type____(s)__ to be used.

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

Airborne_Again wrote:

IIRC, you don’t declare the aircraft to be used, you declare the aircraft __type____(s)__ to be used.

Well, that is absolutely true according to the DTO requirements. However, you should keep an updated list of all individual aircrafts that are being used and there is another EU regulation stating that the member state is responsible to make sure that an aircraft is insured for the type of flying it conducts(really weird, I know). Therefore you might as well include it in your declaration. The declaration can change at any time so you just change it when you will use a new aircraft.


Part DTO Regulation 2018-1119 contains all the relevant details. It also includes the amendments to Reg 1178-2011 and references to the basic Regulation 2008-216 which has now been repealed and replaced by Regulation 2018-1139

DTO.GEN.240 Training aircraft and FSTDs (a) A DTO shall use an adequate fleet of training aircraft or FSTDs appropriate to the training it provides. (b) A DTO shall establish and keep up-to-date a list of all aircraft, including their registration marks, used for the training it provides.

DTO.GEN.250 Aerodromes and operating sites (a) When providing flight training on an aircraft, a DTO shall only use aerodromes or operating sites that have the appropriate facilities and characteristics to allow training of the relevant manoeuvres, taking into account the training provided and the category and type of aircraft used. (b) When a DTO uses more than one aerodrome to provide any of the training specified in point DTO.GEN.110(a)(1) and (2), it shall: (1) for each additional aerodrome, designate a deputy head of training, who shall be responsible for the tasks referred to in point DTO.GEN.210(a)(2)(i) to (iii) on that aerodrome; and (2) ensure the availability of sufficient resources to safely operate on all aerodromes, in compliance with the requirements of this Annex (Part-DTO).

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