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Aerobatic CRI course in Europe?

Does anyone knows a flying school in Europe to complete de Aerobatic Rating Class Rating Instructor?

LEVT, Spain

A fellow instructor/club member did that the previous summer. As long as you are a CRI and have aerobatic rating, it was more like a formality as I understood. He did it here in Norway.


it should be pretty easy, jusf find an instructor, who can teach AERO.


I’m not CRI neither FI, I’m PPL AR. I’m told that it’s a course in a ATO, but I’m not sure.

LEVT, Spain

I am not sure if there is any other way. But CRI is just 3 hours of flying plus 35 hrs of theory. But you need to have 300 hrs total.


I do have more than 300hrs, but I don’t find an ATO in Spain that offers CRI SEP, someone knows one in South France or Portugal?
Thanks everybody for your answers.

LEVT, Spain

Aerofutur Perpignan.
It’s a small school, they don’t maintain a sales department, so it’s sometimes difficult to get in touch with someone. Very good instructors.
They don’t do the aerobatic part themselves but are connected with another school that will do it.

EDIT: most recent official list of French ATOs local copy

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Had done CRI at LKTA recently, an hour drive from Prague. Can only recommend, I believe they can provide training in English as well.


It is a qualification which is just about OK for teaching club level sequences. It is quite a jump from there to sport level.

I paid my dues on 20 minute trial lessons, which is a relatively safe environment. Teaching for the rating may not cover all the threats you are likely to encounter from students, some which can be quite burly when they might ‘freeze’ on the controls, or stir the pot (inappropriate control inputs, usually when gyro forces become felt). You need to be well ahead of the student, and be G current. Altitude is your friend.

I would suggest you check the syllabus and whether it covers for example aggravated spins (flat, changeover), and what range of student induced unusual attitudes you will recover from. The syllabus is minimal and qualifies you for club sequence/LAROSA.

Enstone (EGTN), Oxford (EGTK)
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