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Looking for a UK based FAA CFI

I need to get my BFR done by the end of March: usually, I would just do this on a trip to see family and friends in Texas (and indeed, the BFR would also be with an instructor who’s also a friend, at Texas Taildraggers).

However, with the ongoing COVID19 situation, this looks highly unlikely to happen.

So I’m potentially looking for a UK based FAA CFI with these qualities, who can do my BFR:

- no objection to doing the BFR in the customer’s own non-EASA aircraft,


- has access to a non-EASA aircraft to do the BFR in (preferably tailwheel)
- has access to an N-reg aircraft to do the BFR in (preferably tailwheel)

Preferred location would be either north west England, southern Scotland (perhaps @Jacko can help here) or northern Ireland, or somewhere not too distant from Rutland/Leicestershire (Spanhoe airfield), but if necessary I’m prepared to travel a bit.

Andreas IOM

Why not use the FAA pilot proficiency program WINGS instead?

Any FAASTeam Program Manager can credit you for flight activities phases based on suitable flight training exercises done with an EASA instructor or some proficiency checks.

There are thousands of knowledge activities on the site. There are also dozens of webinars, see

For example here’s one this evening at 2030z (*):


I usually do mine at Breighton (the finest airport in God’s own county) with Lewis Kennington – shoot me an email or text for contact details.

The FAA Wings program is superb (pity the UK CAA is too busy harassing people for 50 ft “infringements” to copy it), but I do enjoy my biennial flight and chat with a CFI.

Glenswinton, SW Scotland, United Kingdom
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