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PPL FI without CPL theory

I just passed my FI(R) + CRI Today. I’m now trying to figure out the intricacies of what I can and Cannot do. This is what i’ve figured out so far- is this correct? The two at the bottom in ‘unsure’ are directly relevant as i have one person in each who would like it if i could. I’m just starting my walk through EASA Easy Access FCL Rules…but the answers aren’t easy!

SEP Class Rating (i.e. for an ATPL) – Yes (CRI)
PPL Biennials
Differences – EFIS
Differences – VP Prop
Differences – Retractable
Differences – Tailwheel

PPL – No.
Aerobatic Rating – No, But a CRI CAN if rating held.
Night Rating – No, need to get Night Rating instructor add-on.
IR(R) – No, need an FI/IR(R) Add-on.

LAPL-PPL Upgrade

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No to both of your upgrades unless you hold CPL TK

Well done and enjoy!

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carlmeek wrote:

PPL – No.

Why can a FI not instruct PPL? Or is it only as long as it is restricted?

CB IR Instruction

Snoopy wrote:

Why can a FI not instruct PPL? Or is it only as long as it is restricted?

A PPL FI without the CPL TK can not instruct for the PPL.

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

Thanks airborne

CB IR Instruction

In Italy, the National CAA confirmed to me that a FI (R) without TK CPL can perform all the privileges of a CRI SEP. except that a CRI SEP has not to perform any hours, under supervision, while the FI R has to.
For Aerobatic, Towing and Night rating, you just need to hold the rating and then perform a check with a qualified rating instructor that release you for that.


FCL.915.FI – New CPL theoretical knowledge examination

Hello all !
Have you seen this new text for FCL.915.FI ?

Does anybody have further information about this new exam ?

Carlos Jimenez
Madrid, Spain


CarlosJ wrote:

Does anybody have further information about this new exam ?

As far as I understand, this is not a new exam — it is the usual CPL TK exam. The new thing is that for the purpose of instructing for the PPL you can take the exam only without having to take a CPL course.

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

I really do not understand the meaning of that.
If is the same examination, with same questions data bank, which is the real value for a PPL/FI without TK to undertake all the exams, in the same manner as a student for a CPL Licence does, without have the opportunity to gain the CPL licence in the future? just to save may be 1-2k euro for the online training?

If are different examinations well will be a very interesting story.
As usual, the local CAA will take time to understand, and EASA will tell you to ask to local CAA.


It seems to mean that you can just bang the computer QB and sit the 13 exams, without having to spend 1k+ on around 5 days “bum on the seat” time at an FTO (plus, for many, a week living in a hotel near the FTO, and travel, etc).

Over many years, a persistent criticism of the EASA FCL regime compared to the FAA regime has been the various pointlessly obstructive aspects of the former, and the need to travel and spend days or weeks away from home is one of these.

It should make it easier to become a full time PPL instructor. There is a predicted bad shortage of these. The fact that the exam passes cannot be used to gain a real CPL is not usually a problem because most people going down this route are too old to become airline pilots. Going for that job is fiercely competitive nowadays.

The actual material has zero value for a PPL instructor, IMHO.

That is how the FAA system has worked since for ever. No mandatory classroom.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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