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PPL FI without CPL theory

I am told by a UK CAA insider that under the new rules this is supposed to work. That’s from the UK angle.

Usual caveats apply IMHO, including the obvious one about what an FTO tells you is “not unusual”. I bet it is highly unusual.

I don’t have any DGAC contacts though.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Don’t worry Jojo. I’ve done my PPL in France, ATPL Tk in France, CPL in the UK, IR in Belgium, thanks to EASA it works.
If you are a job seeker in France, apparently even if you already have a job, but just want another one, CPL written exams are on the taxpayers in France…so it won’t cost you a lot

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@Piotr Szut – thanks for the info, that’s good to know. Yes, exam fees quite a bit cheaper over here; free if you are a job seeker, that’s correct, or € 350 for the lot, including any resits….


@I Love Flying Hello, you contacted me with a question about the CPL exam. Did you get the 2 PMs I sent you in reply? Just checking as I’m not sure if PMs are working correctly….


See here

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Hi Jojo, no I’m afraid I didn’t receive your PMs and it looks as though you didn’t receive my reply explaining this. Many thanks for taking the time to PM me and I hope that there is some way you are able to copy & paste the contents?!

I’m happy for you to pass on my details to Jojo so that we may correspond directly – thank you! :-)

UK, United Kingdom


Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

The latest IAOPA newsletter says:

Next, EASA plans to simplify the training of new PPL flight instructors, as there is a lack of flight instructors. For this purpose, it is planned to delete the CPL theory as an entry requirement throughout Europe as early as 2019.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

It’s a total red herring to be honest. I’ve lost count of the number of people who willingly rant on about ‘how they’d be an FI if it wasn’t for the CPL exams’ yet these are the same people that are barely keeping their PPL current due to life, family, money, time etc.. and squeeze a flight into a two hour window between other commitments. Being an FI requires massive time and money commitment to the training course and then subsequently being available for FI work, which in itself is a demanding slog! The issue with FI availability is all due to market factors with pay, conditions, airline pilot demand etc..

Now retired from forums best wishes

There is no way one can take the 10+ CPL exams on weekends? Personally, I will be happy to do 50 TK exams or do a 2 years FI course on weekends than taking 10 days off work to sit exams or do the FI course for a hobby?

The same apply for PPL instruction a big chunk of it happens on Sat/Sun, espacially, for those students who can’t commit to weekdays anf can’t find a weekend instructor, so win-win?

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ESSEX, United Kingdom
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