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PPL FI without CPL theory

Hello all from sunny Spain,

This is my first post in EuroGA, I follow you since a long time and I now the good pilot population of this forum.
I´m a good friend of “Coolhand”, an old member of EuroGA, and a great pilot and flight engineer that we have with us in Madrid, Spain.

I don´t know if I´m reading the text OK or not, but am I right to understand that after the new EASA law passed on December 20th 2018, that will be valid in 20 days, a PPL can achieve its FI rating and give instruction to Ab-initio PPL students ????

EASA New text FLC 915 FI

Is this an EASA Christmas present or it is “fools day” ?

All the best !!


Attached you´ll find the full text from EASA law in English


Local Copy

Welcome to EuroGA, CarlosJ

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

The way EASA amends its regulations is driving me nuts. You have to open numerous documents in the right order to find the current regulations. At least that´s the way I see it. They won´t publish a new, complete version of a document but only amendments to certain paragraphs.

In this case you will find that in the 1000+ pages regulation there is a another (!) chapter FCL.915.FI FI-Prerequisites which still states the CPL theory being mandatory for PPL-teaching. A bureaucratic monster….


Agreed. I am looking at (what I think is the current valid) part FCL and trying to see what this actually changed, but just see that point (1) and (2) above are new and go away with a very similar point.

It would just be great if they published these in a version controlled repo (so that one could easily see last state, and state changes). This article is very interesting

That PDF local copy is from 2016 so I would expect it to contain the CPL theory requirement (around page 883) but I can’t find it…

Re Balliol’s point, I am sure he is right in many/most cases, but – to make a general point – I have known plenty of people who could fly quite well, or even very well, and who were in some cases technically excellent and would make good ground instructors too (how a plane works, etc), and who have chucked in flying completely as soon as they saw the volume of the theory. This happens a lot at PPL level (preventing many people even starting), and the CPL theory is mind numbingly tedious and sooo irrelevant to PPL / FI training. As shown in this and other threads, only someone who really wants to be an FI (for whatever reasons) and has absolutely no “commercial pilot” ambition (or perhaps due to being too old) is going to do the 13 exams, because it leads to a special form (dead-end) CPL/IR which will never get you an airline job (lots of previous threads on that). Anyone with commercial ambitions will have to do all 14 “ATPL” exams, possibly even before starting their PPL, and those people will then be spending their ground time thumbing through airline adverts and will depart the FI scene at the earliest opportunity, and only those who completely flunk their airline selection will end up as career FIs. I think this is not a good situation for GA because I have known a few of the “flunks” and they all tended to be the worst instructors.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

It´s on page 902.


Does that amendment to FCL.915 remove CPL TK exams only (see Annex 1)?
Or it also removes the “CPL-style flying experience” as well (those 200h TT & 150h P1)?

ESSEX, United Kingdom

The CPL TK requirement for PPLs is in FCL.915.FI (b)(2)(i). FCL.915.FI is not the same paragraph as FCL.915, so this amendment does not mean that the CPL TK requirement is dropped.

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

But looking at the document that Peter posted above hasn’t FCL.915.FI (b) been ammended to

(1) for licence training, hold at least the licence or, in the case of point FCL.900(c), the equivalent licence, for
which flight instruction is to be given;

No mention of CPL TK there.

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