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EFIS endorsement

JasonC wrote:

the variety and differences amongst the systems is huge and hence unless you are going to require a new one for every combination, relying on pilots to be sensible and brief the system is the only way forward

Yes, every pilot should know the particular system installed in a particular aircraft. A G3X can be configured in many different ways depending on other equipment, engine type and so on. A general EFIS endorsement is a bit silly to say the least, but it’s there, in the regulations somewhere. But exactly what do these regulation say, and where can it be found?

Well I had never heard of such an endorsement until relatively recently, and for sure I’ve never had any such endorsement. Maybe I have grandfather rights. On the other hand numerous LST and LPCs in EFIS aircraft would probably cover me.

Darley Moor, Gamston (UK)

If you do not hold EFIS Different Training, you will be endorsed with after i.e. performing the transition training on a Cirrus SR- series. The Certified Cirrus Instructor after the satisfactory check of the training will endors you with EFIS. Same story an instructor has to perform if ou wanto to fly with a Tecnam P2008 or the newest P2010 (both for sure EFIS equipped) releasing to you also the SLPC endorsement (Single Lever Power COmmander)


“Those pilots with logbook evidence to show that they have been operating these aircraft as pilot in command, prior to September 9th 2010, the issue date of an
AIC on the topic, are exempt from this requirement.”
That is how it is grandfathered in the UK (CAP 804), and Danish CAA has approached it in the same way, using the date of FCL introduction in Denmark.

EKRK, Denmark

For all these items that require differences training according FCL.710 the training to be done is not defined. Could an instructor sign it without flying at all?

has a Beagle...
LOWG Graz Austria

I am confused now.

Was talking to a local school that has a C172 I can rent. They want me to fly a short flight with an instructor before let loose on my own. Fair enough.
Then I ask about a plan for difference training as this C172 has an ASPEN 1000 and I have never flown with anything other than old style gyros (steam guages).
Now they say that the ASPEN 1000 is not considered an EFIS…..

EKRK, Denmark

Well, EASA has not given us any further guidance along with this legislation. So yes, nobody knows what constitutes an EFIS and what doesn‘t, in the context of this regulation. They left it „to the field“ to deal with all these questions… and, quite unsurprisingly, there are all kinds of opinions and interpretations out there.

Frankfurt (EDFZ, EDFE), Germany

Which is good, since the entire thing is silly, so just find an instructor who is happy to sign an entry in the logbook and be done with it.

Biggin Hill

Cobalt wrote:

Which is good

It’s very far from good. Stuff like that should be removed ASAP.

Either keep it as it is or delete it. It could be worse, in the form of mandatory minimum training and practical flights at an ATO :)
What would actually make sense is if EASA published a useful CBT for each differences category, free of charge, enabling pilots to actually learn something new.

has a Beagle...
LOWG Graz Austria
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