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For adding IR examination privileges to a CRE(A) rating or for getting a standalone IRE(A), FCL.1005 and FCL.1010 require, among other things, an IRI(A):

FCL.1010.IRE IRE — Prerequisites

  • IRE(A). Applicants for an IRE certificate for aeroplanes shall hold an IRI(A) and have completed:*
  • 2 000 hours of flight time as a pilot of aeroplanes; and*
  • 450 hours of flight time under IFR, of which 250 hours shall be as an instructor.

Is an FI-IR rating equivalent in this case or is there really a “hard” requirement for an IRI(A)? The regs do not make this clear, unfortunately.

Friedrichshafen EDNY

Certainly in the UK an FI with (g) privileges is equivalent I understand

Now retired from forums best wishes

Ok, that is my understanding as well. Otherwise the IFR- and IFR-instruction requirements in FCL.1010 would not make sense, as you cannot even get an IRI(A) with those. Let’s see if my CAA agrees when the time comes…

Friedrichshafen EDNY

I guess so. I guess that is not so common to have “pure” IRI(A) people. Most of them come from FI and onwards. Interesting that I did not make it more clear in the rule.

Sweden, Sweden
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