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Mountain Flying Instructor Germany / Austria / Croatia

Does anybody know a mountain flying instructor in this area?

I am planning a trip to Croatia in August, I usually go via Cannes or Avignon and across Italy avoiding most of the Alps. I have an IR but no oxygen. I Fly a PA32R non turbo. I was thinking I would like to visit Coburg on the way down this year having read Boscomantico’s trip report.

I would be happy to pick someone up from anywhere north of the alps ideally Salzberg to accompany me the first time through the Alps. I can land at Portoroz or Zadar or anywhere they can get a flight back from…my final destination is Brac for a week or so.

Any ideas, advice would be appreciated.

Shoreham (EGKA) White Waltham (EGLM)

Alex: if the weather is bad (low hanging clouds in the mountains), a mountain flight instructor is not going to be able to help out. And if the weather is good … it is great to fly in the Alps. Why not get an oxygen set in case the weather is not in your favour? And of course it is always a good idea to bring someone with more experience along with you on your flight.

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EHRD, Netherlands


Most of the training for a mountain rating is to do with landing on alpine airstrips/meadows.

But is that really what you’re looking for – or just a mentor to accompany you through the valleys and over the passes?

Anyway, you could contact Martin Skacel, president of the OeGPV, who will try to help you. He’s a nice guy, even though he flies a Supercub

To contact the German DGPV, or other members of the European Mountain Pilots Federation, visit the EMP website.

Glenswinton, SW Scotland, United Kingdom

Alex, if the wx is good you don’t need anyone, just go fly (it’s a great trip!) and if the wx is crap, well, you won’t be flying. In August, the most important thing is to do the crossing as early in the day as possible, as there are buildups pretty much every afternoon. At this time of year a Föhn situation is highly unlikely, so that’s prob90 not something you’d have to worry about. You say you want to go via Salzburg. The Alps in the eastern part of Austria aren’t that high, only in the 10k ft range at the highest ridges and going a little further east will see peaks in the 7-8k ft range, so no real O2 issue. If you really feel you need someone to accompany you, I’d suggest getting in touch with Michael Ladstätter who is based in Innsbruck / LOWI, contact him on Have a great trip!

Thank you for all your suggestions.

Shoreham (EGKA) White Waltham (EGLM)

Wouldn’t the point of bringing the mountain flying instructor be to recieve a few tips? The weather around mountains are hardly stable and ‘good weather’ could mean differently to VFR/IFR pilots.

Günzburg EDMG

Buy the Mountain Flying Bible: and read it.

I do quite a bit of flying in the (mainly) French Alps and it is most of the time not more complicated than flying over the flatlands of The Netherlands. If you can climb and the top of clouds are not too high for your aircraft, you can always climb away from the mountains. You could also decide to only fly through the Alps if there is not a lot of wind blowing and to plan to do it early in the morning with a good weather forecast.

It is always great to get some mountain flying training and if you have the opportunity to do so, I would definitely go for it.

EHRD, Netherlands
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