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Seeking UK examiner in France to certify Level 6 SRG1199


I am in the process of converting my dormant UK PPL-A into an EASA licence so I can start to fly again.

The last remaining hurdle I have encountered is that I need to prove that I speak English… As I am a British native who happens to live in France now, I am looking for an Examiner who lives in France (preferably near Provence) who is able to test me to Level 6 and sign the SRG1199.

If not I will have to make a special trip back to the UK….



Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

It can by done by other EASA-FE flight examiners (e.g. IAA, DGAC…) or just a Radio FRTOL Examiner as long as they are authorised by UK CAA, finding one in south east of France will be difficult tough

The CAA no longer publish contact details of FIs/FEs only RFTs/ATOs but you can try a call or email to CAA,

You can also try looking for ATOs^RFTs in France—-ATOs-and-RTFs/

Good luck with the search, will be too much of stretch to travel the whole way for a 10min chat

ESSEX, United Kingdom
ESSEX, United Kingdom

Thanks to all for your suggestions. I am following the leads!


Hi all,

Unfortunately I can’t do UK licences :-(

The UK CAA does not accept any foreign certificates whatsoever in terms of English proficiency.

I can however renew the ELP on any other EASA licence.

I’ve got colleagues in almost every major French city who can do the same.

Please do PM if required :-)

LFCS (Bordeaux LĂ©ognan Saucats)
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