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Interior refurbishment

I am looking into refurbishing the interior of my aircraft. Has anyone got any recent experience of UK firms which can do this? I am looking for a full refurb of the seats, side panels, carpets, headliner and plastics. Any recommendations welcome. I have already talked to Ken Bones and Coopers but not got a full quote yet.



EGBW, United Kingdom

I can’t recommend any company from personal experience but I do know you need to be very careful in making sure materials have the correct flammability rating. I know of several pilots who got a refurb done, spent a few thousand, and then discovered (sometimes years later) that there were no certificates for the material and it all had to be ripped out.

If the discovery is made during a scheduled service (the most likely case) you are totally over a barrel because you need the release to service to fly out of there, but you aren’t going to get it…

Many body shops will happily do the work, without paperwork…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Yes, Jason Cooper has already made the point to me that I need a EASA Minor Mod which he will provide.

EGBW, United Kingdom

I have had the interiors of my three working aircraft done by Ken Bones, being used by a flying club is a harsh envoroment for aircraft interiors and I am pleased to say that the seats still look new, the carpets are starting to show a little ware but will go on for another year or so, the headlining in the PA28 is as good as new.

This is after six years of flying club use.

I am more than happy with Ken’s work and it was all delivered in the agreed time frame.

I’ve used Ken Bones on two different occasions and his work has been good and has lasted well, coupled with which he is a very nice chap to deal with. I wouldn’t use Jason Cooper under any circumstances.

I’d be interested to know why you wouldn’t recommend Jason. Perhaps Peter can organise a private email?

EGBW, United Kingdom

Click on his name and you can send a private msg and I also note he lists his email address.

EGTK Oxford

Thanks Jason, will do.


EGBW, United Kingdom

We’ve had PMs on EuroGA for a while. Click on the person’s avatar (the picture) or click on their ID and all will be revealed

There are no mailboxes – it is done by two-way anonymised email so your real email address is not revealed.

Obviously you need to be logged in.

Also see here and here.

Make sure that the sender address of [email protected] is whitelisted with your ISP or webmail facility.

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Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Thanks Peter. I don’t usually post here, although I do read the forums, so didn’t realise that you had the PM facility active.



EGBW, United Kingdom
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