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Ioannina LGIO Greece

Thank you @petakas . I will put the airport and the town on my bucket list. Maybe in autumn, we are thinking about where to fly next.

EDDS , Germany

Few reasons more to go to LGIO again.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

We plan to be there on Monday, passing through to Syros and plan to stay there a couple of night on our way back from the Islands.


See below from Skyserv Ioannina in advance of my visit in late September flying my Cessna 182 (MTOW 1409 kg).Total cost Euro 49.60 with the AOPA discount.1 passenger adds Euro 12.30 and parking is Euro 1.63 per day.

So total for 24 hours in my case appears to be Euro 63.53. Bear in mind the doubling of costs if you don’t provide 24 hours notice. And don’t forget your AOPA card.

So – less excessive as Petakas says than ridiculous Fraport airports but, dare I say, still pretty hefty. Most UK pilots probably think the £33 charged by Shoreham is excessive. But then you don’t get the lake.

We confirm you Ground Handling service at LGIO Airport for your flight.
Services included in the basic General Aviation handling are: Marshaling, Positioning and removing wheel chocks and safety cones, Aircraft loading/unloading if needed, Passenger and Crew transportation within apron, Luggage transportation to/from the terminal(s) building, Arrange fueling if you request it Avgas or JETA1, Clearance through immigration and customs.
· All the above handling charges special for AOPA members are 49,60 (VAT included). The rate is referring to Cash payments. If Credit Card will be used then a surcharge of 2% will be added to the total amount.
· The landing and parking fees for Civil Aviation Authority for your registration G-MICI with MTOW 1409 kgs. are 1.63 euro per day
· Departing Passengers Embarkation Taxes:
12 Euros per person and 0.30 euros – Destination within European Union /European Economic Community
Please advise your schedule operating to LGIO and we will get permission from Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority. Date of arrival and departure and times.
Note: A surcharge of 100% will be charged when you operates at the same date flight (SDF) without a minimum 24hrs prior notice handling request

United Kingdom

Stodge wrote:

but, dare I say,

Don’t dare ! you’ll open a can of worms on something that has been discussed to death in other threads in this forum !
OK joking aside, I understand what you mean but won’t comment because its an endless discussion that will go into a loop back and forth around the same subject.

LGMG Megara, Greece

Most UK pilots probably think the £33 charged by Shoreham is excessive

Yes, and them having been calling, on the two UK “aviation pubs”, for a boycott of every airfield charging over £10, they moan like hell that Airfield X is closing. You get a 20 page thread on Wellesbourne, at risk of closure because prob99 the owner got sick of GA and its interminable internal battles. They don’t moan that it costs them that much to park down town for a day, or that it costs a whole load more to get pissed down the pub that evening. They probably don’t care actually, since they are flying only about 10hrs/year so when their hobby loses all its utility because they now have to drive 2hrs to their other nearest airfield, they haven’t lost much It’s like the old joke: How do you tell a plane full of Brits has landed? The engines stop but the whining carries on

Of course we would all like free airports (or €10 airports with ILS etc) but the chances of all of us getting “French chamber of commerce” type of funding is about the same as the Royal Yacht Club getting a subsidy from the Dept of Social Security.

I would suggest €63 is a very reasonable price for a stop on a trip most do once or twice a year at most. It would almost wipe out based aeroclub activity, but based aeroclubs can often do a block deal. €200-400 is really in a different category, and that sort of monopoly abuse / blatent fleecing of captive customers is what the anti monopoly legal challenge campaign (see other threads here) is about.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

It is very positive that Ioannina sees GA travellers as an opportunity for tourism. With a fee around 70€, it makes it a very welcoming stop.
I hope they will notice a increase in GA movements and stays, and their welcome will be in the long term.

Last Edited by Jujupilote at 30 Aug 09:37

petakas wrote:

Ioannina Guide
Ioannina Leaflet
Ioannina Presentation
IRHA Hotels

Ι posted the above information I got and few hours later I managed to actually read the documentation.
I have to confess, as native, I feel ashamed I have not visited ALL these places after reading through these brochures.
What a professional job these guys have done to promote their region, thumbs up.
I read things I did not know of.

LGMG Megara, Greece

I agree. Next time I go to Greece, it might be just a trip to Iaonnina as a destination. Or maybe combine it with a revisit of Ohrid. Or maybe combine it with a visit of the south of Albania, once they have opened an airport there.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

@Peter thanks for localizing the downloads

@boscomantico [joking] I now have serious indications that mainland Greeks are trying to takeaway a considerable share of the pie from the islandsbound flights

Last Edited by petakas at 30 Aug 12:06
LGMG Megara, Greece
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